Wondlan Video Wireless Follow Focus + 5″ LCD HDMI Monitor

Here's a video from YouTube member Kicapiproduction showcasing one of Wondlan's new Wireless Follow Focus System products. The new WFF is designed into a single unit that contains an 5" 1200x800 resolution HDMI monitor [thanks Kicap].

According to the details of the video, the wireless focus system is rated to have wireless range of up to 100 meters, but the the wireless monitor is only rated for a 30-60 meter range. I'm not sure what's going on with the use of an external HDMI cable to the monitor. It seems like they just threw an HDMI monitor inside of a case along with one of their existing Wondlan Memonic Wireless Follow Focus system (found here).

Wondlan wireless follow focus systemwondlan follow focus
find-price-button Wondlan Memonic Wireless Follow Focus system

With more refinement i'm sure they can shrink the entire package down, keep all the circuitry internally, and actually make it one single unit. Looks like a cool system, but might be a bit early on the design right now. The unit isn't posted on their website yet, but i'll keep an eye open to how this new product develops.

9 thoughts on “Wondlan Video Wireless Follow Focus + 5″ LCD HDMI Monitor

  1. I did buy one and its great, but the focus range its about 200 grades only. It means that if you are using a 5k lenses, you will not able to cover all of the entire marks of the lens.

  2. Kyle

    Anyone hear any reviews on the RT Motion MK3? Apparently it's pretty well priced and isn't RC Servo cutting down on noise issues. This could be incorrect so I'm looking for more info.

  3. Jayson

    There is no way I'm paying nearly $900 for a product built inside of two radio shack project boxes.

  4. chris

    oh my goodness. that was amazing!!! please keep us posted on when more details like pricing become available!

  5. this is the perfect solution to stedicam follow focusing. lately I've been looking up gyro scope stedicams and rand into the issue of focusing for shallow depth of field.

  6. I have emailed them in the hope of getting a model for test and review. Would be very handy on a stedicam job coming up soon.

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