What’s in the Sack Jack?

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More mail just arrived this morning, but nothing that looks like a Zoom H1. Weak sausage....
Oh well....we'll see what will be in store for today's bags. Hopefully something exciting, more likely not though. I buy the most random things sometimes. I feel like Mr. Rogers when he comes home every morning he has a story mapped out for everyone. I just need a small cable car named Charlie to introduce a talking cat and some crazy lady.

3 thoughts on “What’s in the Sack Jack?

  1. got mine today at B&H. right at closing time. I actually went there for something else. which sold out.
    it feels kind of plastic-y and cheap. It's really light and small. It'll make audio easier to deal with
    looks to be good. There's a $25. kit that sells separately. with power cord, foam wind cover and couple other things. Figured it was worth getting, if I end up selling my H4N
    I'll be testing it out later on.. report back..

  2. I got an email that my H1 shipped Wednesday from sweetwater.com -- unfortunately, it won't be here until next Wednesday according to Fedex.com. You get what you pay for with free shipping.

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