Video samples from Rokinon 100mm Macro CineDS Lens

Just in case you're looking for a Macro Lens, here's a few video samples I shot with the Rokinon 100mm Macro CineDS (manual focus) Lens. A dedicated macro lens will let you get much closer to an object than your standard prime or zoom lens.

I opted to use a manual focus lens on the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro as I found it easier to work with and to do focus pulls (rack focus). I also like the ability to set the iris manually (aperture) as it is a quick way to adjust the exposure up or down, and to get more or less in focus. If you're just starting out, the Rokinon 100mm Macro Lens is a solid buy and you can typically find it on sale (found here).

crystal 800 wireless Rokinon 100mm Macro Lens CineDS Manual Focus