Varavon Slider Balance Pulley Counterweight Kit

Check out this interesting new pulley / counterweight kit that mounts to Varavon Sliders. The counterweight allows you to position your slider in slanted angles so that you can lift the camera with ease or to keep your camera from crashing down. A plate mounts to the slider carrier, and the counterweight is hung through a wire and pulley system.

Varavon Counterweight Water Bottle Slider Kit
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Your counterweights are just common water bottles, which means you don't have to travel with heavy weights. Just pick up a few when you arrive at your destination.

Varavon Countweright Pulley SystemVaravon Slider Kitvaravon-counterweight-slider

The kit is shown to work with a variety of Varavon sliders including the Slidecam Lite or the Slidecam S. Take a closer look and notice the basic screw mount, which I'm guessing could even work with any Cinevate, Konova, or other aftermarket slider as well. The Varavon Slider Counterweight Kit starts under $50 bucks via eBay (click here).

pulley-system-varavonCountweight SliderCountweight Slider
find-price-button Varavon Slider Balance Counterweight Pulley Kit

14 thoughts on “Varavon Slider Balance Pulley Counterweight Kit

  1. nay

    Hi Emm,

    I'm curious to know if this would also work on the Kamerar sd1 slider dolly when mounted on a tripod.

  2. I have one up on that. Get a large/tall and deep container. Put your slider on your tripod. Attach a string/line to the slider part. Attach the other end to something heavy enough to pull the camera but will float. Install a valve at the bottom of the large/tall container. Place it next to the slider and fill with water. Place your floating weight in the water and open the valve. Instant motion control slider! As the water goes down, so does the floating weight, pulling the slider along the track. To go faster/slower, just adjust the how open the valve is. Kind of crude but it works.

  3. It can be used for Konova slider very easy.
    Konova slider has 1/4inch hole in the left right end block.
    Can be mounted on the 1/4 inch hole.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Kelly - At least the basic parts are there if you wanted to drill a more professional looking counterweight in place.

  5. I carry an empty one-gallon plastic jug for this and similar uses. It has a handle, so I just use a length of 50-lb. fishing line as needed... I don't even need a pulley.

  6. vinsanity

    looks good and i think $49 is not expensive.
    and my opinion is good idea for produce to good products.

  7. Tony

    Now that is a "smart" weight. I have used 1-gallon water jugs for light stands (support and balance). Flatten for travel...then blow it back open and fill with water. I even carry a diy funnel-attached to short hose to fill with restroom sink water if need be. =)

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