Varavon Multifinder Uni Universal LCD ViewFinder

Varavon's new Multi Finder 'Uni' is an upgraded version of the original Varavon Pro Finder LCD ViewFinder. The universal ability is achieved by an adjustment plate that allows multi-axis adjustments to align with most DSLR cameras on the market with a 3.2"-3.5" LCD such as the 5D Mark III, D800, Nikon D4, and more.

Uni MultifinderVaravon LCD View Finder Multifinder Pro Uni
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The Varavon Multi Finder Uni attaches securely through a quick release system at the Anti-Twist Baseplate, offers a diopter for less than perfect vision, and unique low angle shooting via an internal mirror. The new Varavon Multi Finder Uni is available now starting at approx. $229 found on eBay (click here)

Varavon Multifinder Uni
find-price-button Varavon Multifinder Uni Universal LCD ViewFinder

9 thoughts on “Varavon Multifinder Uni Universal LCD ViewFinder

  1. bn92

    Would be quite good with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera if Varavon produces a dedicated mounting plate. This universal one seems to be too large for that camera.

  2. Pirate Joe

    I just had a play with this trying to fit it onto a varavon armor uni. it does not fit. bottom wedge plates is different in size.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Squeezy - They both have great build quality, and both operate on solid quick release baseplates - much better than the other VFs that use snap, magnetic, or sticky frames. Here's the main difference between the two and maybe you can determine which is most important.

    The VF-4 can flip up as a sun hood, the Varavon has to be disassembled to operate as a sunhood.
    The Varavon can be used as a low angle viewfinder, the VF-4 does not offer this feature.
    The Varavon runs over $220 vs the VF-4 may run for $180.

    If it matters, I believe when the VF-4 is available, the introductory price may sit around $125?

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