Technicolor Color Assist FCPX Color Grading Plugin

Technicolor has recently upgraded the Color Assist application (originally supported for just Adobe Premiere) to now support Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). It's a simple way to play with color grades for different looks, but also gives you advanced controls to tweak every bit of your video color. Here's a look at how the new Technicolor Color Assist plugin interacts with FCPX.

You can check out the Technicolor Color Assist application and download a trial version over at the website

Technicolor Color Assist Grading FCPX Adobe
Free Trial Technicolor Cinestyle Color Assist Application for Adobe FCPX

4 thoughts on “Technicolor Color Assist FCPX Color Grading Plugin

  1. Austin

    Am I the only person who is not a fan of all these presets and filters? I think most look cheesy and I know they can sometimes be used as good starting points but I rarely see that being done. I do have to say I really enjoy using Magic Bullet colorista II though along with the waveform and vector scopes in premiere, makes a great color correction tool that can also color grade.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ricky @Habez - I feel that Magic Bullet has more looks and filters. The Technicolor seems to be good at color but that's all they offer at this time.

  3. Habez

    Personally, do you use that plug in, emm? Because i've been using magic bullet for the longest time and its nice to know your thoughts on technicolor 😀

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