Transcend Class 10 Shows Up

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Just picked up three more 32GB Transcend Class 10 SDHC cards. Too many cameras, not enough cards to go around especially with the new Sony A55 and Panasonic GH2 i've been playing with. I've been pretty very happy with my other Transcends, so i'm going to continue shooting with them. I think it's still the best deal for reliable SDHC cards. I did notice that the stickers have changed from the previous Class 10 cards. Wonder if that makes them even better....

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  1. Ken in PA

    Just started experiencing problems with my Sony a-55 and the Trenscend 32GB class 10 memory. First noticed after shooting about 500 images (on 2 cards). The camera is not able to retrieve the jpg images on the later shot files, and they were not readable after copying to my PC hard drive. Stellar Picture Recovery Software was unable to recover any of the lost pictures. This has been a problem with 2 memory cards, and am using firmware v2.0 in the camera. Am not sure it's a memory card problem, or camera firmware problem. But I suspect the problem lies in the camera. Sony is famous for larger memory card problems in their new cameras, ever since they started making cameras w/removable memory. Both cards were formatted in the camera. Almost all of the image files above the first 200 or so shots on each card seem corrupt (like a camera write problem, but there was no message of any kind when shooting/recording)

    I lost about 400 vacation pictures which were on two cards (thought I was protecting myself against this by splitting each days shooting across two different cards). Was I ever wrong.... Guess I'll stick to using the 16 GB chips....

    Anyone else experience any problems like this?

  2. I just shot my first event with all-DSLR equipment. 5DmkII, 60D and GH1s. I used both the Transcend 32GB Class 10 and 16 GB SanDisk Extreme on the hacked GH1s, which had the 50mbits hack, not the super-high 100 mbits. The 32 GB Transcends had no problem. Three out of the four Extreme Sandisks failed partially, write errors etc.

  3. @RedShirt... Be VERY careful buying ultra cheap cards on Ebay or other places. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. Many times they are NOT the speed advertised. I got burned last year with a couple of 32 Gig "class 6" cards for my T2i. The seller took a slower 32 gig card and just slapped a Transcend sticker on it. They were NOT Class 6 cards, as they could not sustain the write speed of the camera when I was doing video. Buyer beware!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @marthin - I've never had an issue with my Transcends normally from B&H or Amazon US. Do you have a picture of your card? Wonder if it's the same. Also, periodically you should opt for the 'low level' format with your 60D. The 60D has this option (little check box), and for cameras that don't have this feature, you should put your card to a computer and do a true low level format. This helps defragment the areas to read and write.

  5. Just had a bad experience with Transcend 8Gb class 10.
    Got it from a store in my country which supplied from transcend taiwan. (it has on the package)

    I shot using 60D. And last night i wanted to transfer all the files using a card reader. so all of the files transferred into my pc, but cannot be open. got "quicktime error 2048" i inserted the card into the camera to make sure the movie can be played, but the camera told me "the memory card cannot be accessed".

    I remember when i shot, couple of times happened: the movie recording stopped automatically.

    i always formatted the card using camera.. do you reckon it's the problem? should i continue using the card for my next projects? should i format it using PC-quick format??

    i have 3 of 8 Gb class 10. thinking of throwing them away 😀

  6. Emm

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    @Allan - great review, but nothing related to video. dslrs only require a class 6, so the question is, is it a deal for the price?

  7. Emm

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    @Jason - Yes, that's correct. When the camera boots up, or if the Zoom H4n boots up it has to scan the card. If you put a large card into the units it takes longer to start up. So I don't use 32GB in my Zoom. It boots so much faster with just an 8GB card.

  8. Jason

    Emm I have the 16 gig versions. Maybe its the your bigger size, 32gb, that could be causing it to hang?

    I've been using it in my for the last few weeks without a problem. Took it snowboarding and in the ocean. Transcends still working fine..

  9. Emm

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    @J Toha - You can do a lot with just an 8gig card. Boot times will be longer and slower with larger cards.

  10. J Toha

    I've got a class 10 transcend 16GB on shipping now to be used with my newly acquired Zoom H4n. Why do you think it hangs, Emm? Do you reckon it's better to just use class 6, 8GB instead for this?

    I was planning to have one card to handle my audio needs for one whole day if needed instead of having to swap a few cards at once (this burden already falls on my 7D I foresee). That's why 16GB seems like a good middle size.

  11. Emm

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    @Jason - Actually I think it might be overkill. I put one of these in my Zoom H4n and it just hung like crazy. Going too big of a card on small devices is not always suggested. Hopefully it works though.

  12. @Trenton - I'ved had that issue with my Trancend class 10 16GB SD card. I use it with my 60D and I got a RODE VIDEO MIC connected to it. And it does say movie stop recording. But once I unplug my mic it records fine. It is really weird. Dont know if any of you can help out!

    @Emm - I will try to format it on my computer.

  13. Jason

    It's probably overkill but I ordered another one of these for my gopro. That way no matter what card I have, I can trust that it will work in both my canon and gopro..Love these cards.. Was hoping to get the new black dice 🙁

  14. Chris E

    I have no experience except with 3 Transcend cards (16GB, class 6 though) and they have been working great.

    I got two Duracell 16GB Class 10 for $30 a card...thinking if I should keep them. Anyone have experience with Duracell SDHC cards?

  15. Emm

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    @Trenton - I think all cards will eventually have this problem with fragmentation. Do a full low level format on a PC (not in camera) and then try again.

  16. Trenton Shimizu

    How have these Transcends worked for you? I've got a class 10 16GB and I use it with my T2i, but when I record, occasionally it'll say movie recording stopped automatically. Do you have any idea why this is happening? I was gonna get more of these transcends because of how much space they have and the great price, but I'm not sure if I will out of fear of them doing the same thing with the one I have now. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance man.

  17. Mickey Jones

    Transend seems to be the card of choice. I haven't heard of any problems and they are reasonably priced. I'm using a 32GB x400 CF in my 7D.

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