Tokina’s 11-16mm Available

Thanks to an email from Matt, The Tokina 11-16mm is back in stock. This was my first 'Tokina' brand lens I picked up because of some excellent reviews and I admit this thing has become one of my favorite wide lenses for cropped cameras like the T2i, T3i, 60D, or 7D. It is possible to mount this lens to a Full Frame camera like the 5D Mark II, but only when it's zoomed out to it's 16mm. When used in that manner, this thing is wicked wide.

The Tokina 11-16mm is one of my favorite lenses for Flying with a Steadicam / Glidecam stabilizer (many others favor this lens too for flying). Unlike Canon's 10-22mm, the Tokina can also maintain a nice wide aperture of F/2.8 throughout it's range for low light imaging. The lens has a solid build and very sharp, so if you're missing this super wide range in your lens collection, this is definitely the lens to get (click here).

find-price-buttonTokina 11-16mm F/2.8 for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras

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  1. Colin

    Don't know if you'll see this as it is an old thread, but with the 11-16mm, when you shoot do you tend toward the 16mm side. I'm not a big wide angle fan but do like it for steady cam and landscapes so I will probably be using it as a prime at 16mm. Is there much warping at this point. If not, where does it begin to warp. BTW I shoot with a T2i and 7D.

  2. SkunkWorks

    Just picked up a flawless used copy here in Canada this week. Was worried at first that I may have gotten one of the anecdotal bad copies when viewing my first few pics taken with it hand held. Then I put it on my tripod and shot my garage door and found it's actually tack sharp from corner to corner at f/8.0 (probably actually from f/4.0 up)... soft corners at f/2.8 but that's to be expected and normal for not only this lens but most fast lenses.

    I thought I could get away without a tripod for stills because of it being very wide and less prone to camera shake than a normal or telephoto lens but found I'll still want to use a tripod for tack sharp stills. Now I need to stick it up on my crane on my T2i and see how much weight it needs to balance it... it's not exactly light!

    I see people mentioning all the time that you throw this thing on and pretty much everything is in focus due to how wide it is, but be aware that at f/2.8 it actually has a very shallow DOF if your subject is relatively near... you won't have everything in focus, not even close.

    Focus is fast (if not in Live View) and I haven't noticed any accuracy issues yet with that on my copy but I haven't really put it through the ringer yet.

    I think I'll be very happy with this thing. (I better, I paid second hand here in Canada almost what it costs for a new one south of the border!).

  3. Bob

    One thing that is REALLY nice about this lens for steadicam work - it doesn't change the physical geometry of the lens when you change the zoom - so you don't need to rebalance. Unlike all Canon zooms. Granted it's not a large zoom range but when you're flying, there is a difference between 11mm and 16mm and it's nice to have that option.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Sigma makes very good quality lenses, and again has auto focus and focus confirmation unlike the Samyang. I'm working on a Zip line cable cam at the moment too. I'll let you know how mine comes out in a few weeks.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @y2j - Anything stamped with 'L' is Canon's top of the line that has special coatings on the glass and is also mostly weather proof. The Tokina is not at all up to those standards, but it's also not sold at the 'L' price.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - There's also focus confirmation when something is locked in to focus. The Samyang is completely manual and doesn't have any communication to the camera. Obviously there's also a bit of range to the lens too.

  7. Curious if anyone has played with the big brother of this lens. The 16-28mm that Tokina released earlier this year for full frames--it sounds like it's a pretty killer lens for the 5D at half the price of the 16-35 Mark II that Canon makes.

  8. Alex

    Hello and thank you for all your job!

    What do you think about the Samyang 14mm f2.8?
    Is the sigma really better than the samyang?

    There is a lot of comments about the sigma zoom have very short range (11-16)... (close to a prime)

    PS: I've just receive my zip line (found on your blog)... maybe i can try it this weekend. But it's look very hard to achieve a stable footage, maybe better coupled with a small flycam/balanced systeme...
    thanks a lot for all your tips...^_^

    Sorry for my english ^_^

  9. Amy Barrett

    What options are for GH-1/2 users? I'm correct that buying the Canon version gives you no aperture ring, so you can only shoot at 2.8? Does the Nikon version have an aperture ring?

  10. Yeah, okay, I've had it on my B&H notifications along with the Nokton 0.25. Is there a site where it says when the $650 that I need to buy it will be available? 🙂

  11. Emm

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    @Habez - We call it the T3i, here's my articles on it.

  12. Emm

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    @John Mark - I'll try and do a test, but we shot this way for a very wide scene. Normal in the middle, slight distortion at the edges, but not much vignetting.

  13. Emm

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    @Eirik - The benefit over Samyang is that it also has Auto Focus for Photography.

  14. My 2cents to the community:
    This lens is totaly Wicked! Is my main super wide lens that I use on both the 60D and the 5D.
    You just have to purchace it from sellers that can provide you with the proper warranty because it might be a little "off" with the auto focus. Meaning that you will try to focus on 40cm distance and the lens focuses to 50cm distance. But an authorized tokina seller will replace your lens at once!
    Sincerely this lens can be your secret weapon!
    Realy valuable for your lens inventory!

    a Cheesy-fan

  15. Habez

    ive been using this lens for quite a lot of stuff lately after i got it about a month ago and i've never looked back. (:

    Btw Emm, i dont see you mentioning the 600D's x3 crop feature much around here and i'd like to add in my 5 cents.

    Yes, its a crop mode and so its not exactly x3 of whatever focal length you are using but still, its at least still in full HD.

    I've been using the crop mode for various reasons lately and ive begun to realise that the crop mode effectively makes all my lenses all the more potent.

    For example, my tokina 11-16mm more or less 'transforms' into a 33-48mm lens at f2.8 thus giving it more reach as a "standard lens" without switching out lenses. I guess this neat feature is really for that odd guy on a really shoestring budget that makes him feel better. x)

    Like i said, just my 5 cents as some sort of contribution to the hard work that you put into this site. 😀

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