Tilta BMPCC BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Cage

When it comes to the #BMPCC, there's a few accessories you may want to add-on, and so a solid cage is a good starting point to carry these extras. Adding on a pair of 15mm rails will get you even further when it comes to mounting video accessories. I've shared a few BMPCC cages on this blog, but here's an actual look at the parts and assembly of the new Tilta BMPCC Cage [BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Cage].

Tilta is well known for their build quality and finish in products, typically targeting high end camera models. This new Titla BMPCC Cage is no exception. Optionally the Tilta Cage can be purchased with a Top Handle and a set of Rails. The rails are mounted through a quick release system under the main cage, and you still have full access to all ports, battery, and sdxc card slot. An HDMI Lock is included to keep your cable in place and to prevent damage to your camera. [Note: using this lock can block access to your DC input]

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The only things I've found to be of small concern is the low profile Top Handle that gets in the way of my RedRock Micro Live Lens adapter. I'm unable to attach or remove the RRM adapter when the Tilta Top handle is mounted. The silver-ish finish on the rails look great, but one pass and they are easily scratched up. This doesn't affect any functionality of course. Overall a solid product for mounting accessories to your BMPCC.

find-price-button Tilta BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC Cage

25 thoughts on “Tilta BMPCC BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Cage

  1. William

    I know these comments are a little old but if Bohus hasn't settled on a cage yet, you can plug in DC power with the HDMI lock on. It's completely unimpeded but tight, so keep that in mind if you are looking for aftermarket power.

  2. julien

    what is the weight of this rig? will it work with 18-35 sigma on a glidecam HD2000?

    Do you prefer the movcam rig?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @John - The BMPCC is compatible with many standard LANC remotes. I'm sure you can easily find one to work with whatever setup you choose.

  4. John

    Maybe because Im just old, but I love the look of the wood!

    Hey Em, do you have a remote trigger for that? It seems like it would be awkward to start/stop video if you had it mounted to a shoulder rig or something.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Srg - My listing did not show the item, but it was included in the package. I purchased the version with Top Handle + Rails.

  6. Emm,

    I have the rig and a tilta vmount battery. To use the battery with the bmpc I purchased the switronix Dtap to bmpc cable. It came with a right angle plug on the bmpc side. This has no problem seating under the hdmi lock.

  7. Dave

    I'm guessing that monitor works with the BMPCC? Any info you can share on it? Struggling to find a decently priced monitor that works with this camera.

  8. bohus

    @emm - ah, I misread. I originally thought the whole rig was just a silver spray finish, and that it was all going to get dinged up. I see now that it's just the rails that are the main problem. Unfortunate design choice, but eh... what can ya do?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - I'm looking more into the complete package kits right now, ones with a top handle and rail system available. So far i'm a fan of the Shape BMPCC Cage and this Tilta.

    I think I like the Shape a bit more because the Top Handle is quick to remove (the Tilta requires a tool). The Shape is more lightweight, and the rails can still be removed quickly by a single thumb knob.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @bohus - I don't know if spraying rails will work, there is very little tolerance and an additional layer of spray will probably cause it to bind going in and out.

  11. bohus

    Nuts. I was afraid that the 12v would be obscured. I've been looking at this cage for myself, and it looks like I will be devising some other method for locking both HDMI and the 12v in place. Even though I thought I was emotionally prepared for how quickly the batteries deplete, it was FAR faster than I could responsibly rely on without having some other solution in place.

    Also thanks for pointing out that the silver is a finish - I assumed that it was bare metal that looked super classy. Sounds like I'd want to hit it with a spray finish to try to prolong the life of the finish. That's all I need - another project. 😉

    Thanks for the heads up on this beauty.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I agree that the HDMI lock is important, but you know what I find to be as equally if not more important? The external DC input, because the batteries don't last very long. Keep in mind the HDMI lock here will block the DC input...

  13. I don't have a BMPC yet, but I'll probably be getting one soon. This cage seems pretty reasonably priced and it has a hdmi lock (or pinch whatever they're called). That to me is the sign of a manufacturer who's paying attention...

  14. Dave

    Have you seen the Gini pocket camera cage or planning on reviewing that? I've always been happy with the gear I got from them after your review way back in the day.

  15. mcmillanroad

    Hoping to get one of these in the next week or two. I noticed since Tilta partnered with Ikan in the US, all their prices are starting to jump drastically.

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