Thursday Mail Bag


It's still a bit early, there may be some new things that arrive later, but here's what just came in for today's mail bag. Here's a hint. It could be the next BIG thing to keep your EYE on.... Ok that was probably a corny one liner. Would you like some butter on that corny joke? Yeah that was pretty bad too, i'll quit now. Anyone as excited as me to open the box and see what this bad boy looks like?


Update 12:18pm: I like it...I really really like it. This isn't saying much since I never bothered to spend over $180 on a viewfinder, but this is the best viewfinder "with a diopter" for under $140. This made my day.. I'll have more information later, but it's a much different design than the other loupes. Weird, but there's no plastic on it. Totally silicone, metal, and glass.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Mail Bag

  1. Emm

    Post author

    It has a stick on frame too, but a larger one that it connects to via friction. No magnets.

  2. Paul

    I gotta love the fact that I can tip you off to something, you buy it, and then tell me what I want to know!

    I'm dying to know. Right now, I'd have to say it's going to come down to the LCDVF 3/2, the LCDVF 3/2 knockoff, and this. Not sure how much longer I want to wait for the knockoff but that's a nice savings I can't ignore.

    Just by pictures, this loupe looks a little less lengthy than the LCDVF, especially if you tack it onto a T2i. I think that's a good thing but not sure since I've never even seen one of these loupes first hand.

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