The Q-Strap Quick Camera Strap

Thursday mail bag continues....
It's called the Q-Strap. Some people are touchy about using the word 'clone' or 'replica', so i'll just say this resembles very very closely, almost exactly similar to the Black Rapid RS-4 Camera Strap. Since this is 'comparable' to the R-Strap the Q-Strap (quick strap) runs less than half the price. The Q-Strap is also one up on the R-Strap since it has a different quick release clip that supports a handstrap and tripod mount. Similar features include a pocket to store extra media cards or batteries. Yes, it's very nice for under $23.00 + Free Shipping.


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4 thoughts on “The Q-Strap Quick Camera Strap

  1. Thomas

    Got one as a gift. Was great for 6 months until the rivet on the clip broke so it won't close.

    NO support. Contacted the company in UK and they say they are just a reseller. No way to return or get service.

  2. BJ

    I picked up the Q-Strap and its fantastic! I'm really glad to have found it because of you. I was actually going to get the rapid strap (clone) from the first time you posted it, good thing I waited! 😀

  3. Definitely a good deal! I got my R-Strap for about $48. But ever since I bought the Spider Holster ( in which I paid that large chunk of change, it's made shooting much better since all the weight is on the hip.

    Because of you btw, my Zoom H1 is delivering today via B&H! haha I'm going to the Philippines for the majority of September and will be working on a multimedia project for my Lolo/Lola [grandparents.. just in case if people don't know that].

    Keep up the great posts!


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