Nikon D3100 is Out & Not Looking Good


The new Nikon D3100 DSLR camera with 1080p is available, but finding one is a bit rare right now. This new DSLR coming in even cheaper than the Canon 550D / T2i has the specs and pricing to steal a bit of market share for new DSLR shooters. From the samples i'm seeing so far though, there's still a major major problem with Rolling shutter and 'Jello Effect'. The earlier Nikon DSLR were notorious for this, and doesn't seem to have gotten better on the D3100. I've seen samples from the higher end Nikon D7000 which looks pretty good, but what's going on with the D3100? Also that new continuous Auto Focus that everyone complains Canon fails to implement is quite distracting on the Nikon. It's quite jumpy. If the rolling shutter is still going to be an obvious problem, pricing is not going to save this camera. If anyone else has some samples or experience to share, i'm sure we'd all like to take a look.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Ricardo Thomas - Locking exposure is not the same, because something as basic as shutter speed plays a role in how your video looks. For example, with full manual controls you can keep the shutter speed set to 1/50th all the time.

  2. Ricardo Thomas

    who says that you can't manually control the d3100 in video mode? set your shutter speed and f stop, press the exposure lock, then go into live view. I am a Television news photographer, and this process does not seen unreasonable. Professional Videographers shoot everything in the manual mode anyway, no auto anything. learn how to use your tools, photography is about knowing you tools well enough that they become part of you, not some mystical opjects

  3. Mark Davidson

    I bought one and took it back the next day. The Jello effect was unacceptable.

    The T2i I replaced it with is fine.

  4. Mark V

    I have the D3100 and I have taken outstanding pics with it. I have a D200 and a D300 with many AF-S Lenses and I can use them with the D3100 and I have to say it takes some really good pictures.

  5. John

    Well, take a look at nikon D5000 and D90 videos on Vimeo. Rolling Shutter and the Jelly Effect, can be avoided.
    Don´t be afraid to buy the Nikon D3100.

  6. noflux

    why not put a Panasonic GH2 in the mix?
    at a 1000$ price tag (body only) is in direct competition with the 60D

  7. Emm

    Post author

    Canon's have rolling shutter when panning fast, but i've never noticed the Jello effect as much as the Nikon bodies.

  8. That's slightly disturbing.

    It'd be interesting to see a comparison done with all the Nikon and Canon models side by side to see how they compare for rolling shutter. From what I've seen, a friend's 7D is significantly better than my D300s for rolling shutter.

  9. I've got one on order, and looking forward to seeing what it can do.
    I'm teaming my D3100 with a Rode shock mount and Zoom H1, for a 1st step I'm sure it won't be to bad.

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