The DIY Shoulder Rig Lives on

Joel C. posted a couple of photos @Facebook on his version of the Cheesycam $20.00 dollar DIY shoulder rig I posted a short while back. I have to admit it came out pretty nice. Of course Joel had to up one on me by adding an LED video light to camera right and a Zoom H4n on camera left. Nice job Joel, thanks for reading the blog and supporting the ideas.

Here's some more useful information for you DIY'ers out there looking to add accessories to your rigs. Most items use a standard 1/4" x 20 thread to mount such as the Zoom H4n. Sometimes they use a Hot Shoe type mount like the LED video lights. Well if you want to add some functionality to make your accessories more modular you can pick up Cold Shoe adapters, 1/4" x 20 threaded cold shoes, or swiveling cold shoe mounts for dirt cheap. Add this to your rig or to your accessories for that super fast on /off action, or to add that finished look to your DIY rigs.

Below are some of my favorite items to use on my DIY projects. Click any of the images to buy them on eBay for about 3-4 dollars.
This item below can be mounted to any of DIY rigs to hold accessories that use a Hot Shoe type mount such as your LED video lights, external monitor, or Video microphones.
Click here to purchase the Cold Shoe Adapters.

This next item (below) can be used to turn most accessories into a quick HotShoe mountable item. This is a perfect little add-on for the Zoom H4n since it only uses a threaded insert. Now you can make it HotShoe mountable to mount on top of your 5DM2 or 7D camera (not recommended for 550D or T2i because of the lack of metal body frame). Or use it with the Cold Shoe adapter (above) to mount it anywhere else.
Click here to purchase the Tripod Shoe Adapters.

Although this next adapter (below) is mainly used as a Flash holder with Umbrella Bracket, this item can be used to add height to a Rode Video mic on your shoulder rig, or possibly your LED video light. It's also adjustable with it's ball head, so you can get some better angles with your accessories.
Click here to purchase the Ball Head Swivel Adapters.

If you're on the super super cheap, you can always grab a Flash Shoe Stand for about $2.00 dollars. These have a cold shoe type mount on top, but also have a 1/4" x 20 thread insert underneath to mount to a Tripod, Light Stand, or any your DIY rig with a simple 1/4" x 20 bolt.
Click here to purchase Flash Shoe Stand Adapters.

7 thoughts on “The DIY Shoulder Rig Lives on

  1. "I would love to build Joel’s exact thing"

    Same here. Joel C, can you please post up instructions for making your rig and post a URL? I can't find you on facebook.


  2. Geoffrey S. Waldo

    Having trouble finding the strut u channel bracket at either Home Depot or you have more info?
    Great rig!!!

  3. I would love to build Joel's exact thing... can someone give me a parts list and instructions on how? I have the Zoom H4 and just got a Canon T2i..... THANKS!!!

    themelodies AT gmail DOTcom

  4. I spent 2 hours looking for these little cold shoe adapters until I checked your site. Thanks for doing the research on that. Those $4 ebay adapter are the best deal around. I had to build a small cage to hold my zoom and 2 wireless lavs. I got the inspiration from your home depot cage. My design is crude but it gets the job done. It cost me $20!

    thanks for all the research.

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  6. Joel C

    No way! I made it to the site! That was such a great idea you came up with and when I saw it I had to do it! What should my next attempt be? Some type of follow focus ring....Congrats again!

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