Sigma 8-16mm ‘NOT’ Fisheye

Not everyone can or wants to pay the price on a Full Frame camera. So if you need to go extra wide on a cropped camera like the 7D or 550D / T2i, there's a few lenses that can help get you there. Most of which can run you somewhere around $800-$1000.00 bucks for a 16-35mm or maybe even a 17-55mm. Even the 10-22mm is a nice lens, but Sigma's got that beat with an incredible 8-16mm! Most of the time around that range you're talking Fisheye which isn't always so flattering for portraits, but this Sigma doesn't go there. New from Sigma and available for pre-order, It's possibly the widest lens available that isn't a Fisheye. Although it's not super fast sitting at F/4.5-5.6, but with Sigma's HSM built in, that range, and at this price point who are we to complain? Thanks Sigma. Not a bad price for this wide angle lens. Click here for prices on eBay.

2 thoughts on “Sigma 8-16mm ‘NOT’ Fisheye

  1. admin

    Post author

    Normally with wide shots there is no stabilization required. It's only for zoomed in tight shots that there are noticeable problems.

  2. Arnaud

    Totaly rad, just the lens i've been dreaming about. I've seen pictures with it, how good of a lens is it for videos ?
    I wonder if the lack of stabilisation it's such of a big deal for my use, I should do some testing with my lenses with the stabilisation OFF.

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