Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder Sale

(Left to Right) Zoom H1, Tascam DR-05, Zoom H4n

Normally priced at about $100 dollars, the Tascam DR-05 hand held recorder is on sale for just $65 dollars. The Tascam DR-05 does not have XLR inputs, so it's similar to the Zoom H1. It's a bit larger than a Zoom H1 (as seen above), but a great deal if you don't have a recorder today.

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18 thoughts on “Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder Sale

  1. @John i use the cheap wired audio technicas that Emm recommends.

    Although now i have access to the wireless sennhiser system so i've been using them more xD But the 20 odd dollar lavs (that are powered by those watch batteries) do the job well as long as you have the batteries.

    Because I've encountered times when i forget to switch off the mic after a shoot and when i want to use it next, the batts are flat xD

    So other than that small thing, pretty happy with the cheap 20 dollar lav (:

  2. Landon

    DSLR mounting options anyone? Would a hotshoe tripod adapter, hotshoe ballhead, or shockmount be best? I looked at shockmounts and they look massive

  3. Alinka

    @ habez

    The DR05 beats the H1 in all aspects - the sound quality is better, because the H1 mics are not very well in the Highs and lows. The AGC ist better as on the H1. Noise floor is lower with the DR05 and you can touch the DR05 case and you will get not near the rumble noise as with the H1.

    I switched back from h1 to the DR05. In germany the dr05 sells for 129 Dollars....so you guys in the US have an amazing sale with 65 dollars.

  4. I have the DR-05. Love it. Its not as small as the H1 to use as a bodypack but i guess its still usable.

    The on board mics are pretty good (personally) and i've never had a problem with the line in for a lav.

  5. @Landon: yup, 1/4" mount on the back, and doesn't interfere with the battery compartment (not that you'll need to replace them often). Balances the recorder nicely.

    BTW, the DR-05 can also power mics through the input jack if they support it.

  6. videoguy2009

    I did buy an audio technica lav that you recommended awhile ago to use with my H1, but it required a small watch battery to operate.

    Have you come across anything similar that will work with the H1 without having it's own battery?

  7. videoguy2009

    Hey Emm,

    What would you reccomend as the best cheap line-in lav for the H1 or Tascam?

    I am considering using several portable recorders with lavs as body-packs at weddings, instead of relying on my sennheiser wireless gear.

  8. Chris

    Thanks guys. Its showing up now as Amazon for the seller. I'm seeing the 65 price. In for one! Thanks

  9. J Hanna

    I have a zoom h4n and I had a zoom h1. I just got rid of the h1 bc I wasn't using it anymore. I want to downgrade my h4n but something better than an h1.
    All I'm doing now are some controlled environment voice over work.
    Do you think that a tascam DR-05 will suffice?

  10. Landon

    Is there a tripod mount on this one? and I heard that the line-in is not too great, has anyone had any issues with this recorder? I was planning on getting a hot-shoe attachment to put it right on top of my 60D

  11. Shows as $65.99 when I add to my cart. BTW, I own one of these. Watched some comparison on YT with this and some other recorders, and I preferred the DR-05's low frequency response and stereo separation. I like the screen and buttons better than Zoom, too.

  12. John

    I see the 65.99 price. Make sure you are looking at amazon as the seller.

    Btw, tax is collected in Texas starting July 2012. =(

  13. schill

    Make sure it says "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com." -that's $65.99. $80.15 is from one of the other sellers.

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