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Above: Canon T2i + Battery Grip + Sima L Bracket next to Zoom H1 Portable Audio Recorder

I'm not going to try and do audio tests, I think we know what the Zoom products are already capable of. We're already sold on audio, no need for further tests. I will note on my videos if I ever have it in use though, so you can see what the results would be. If you haven't already purchased a Zoom H1 Portable Audio recorder, i'm sure you're just looking for other deal breakers or deal makers such as the size, switches, button functions, build quality, etc. Here's sorta a sneek peek around the gear from my first unboxing. I've dropped my Zoom H4n and wasn't too worried about it. It survived quite well. This Zoom H1 item feels really really hollow and fragile, so it's not something i'm looking forward to ever drop. It's all mixed feelings right now, but the true selling point is it's $99 dollars. If it were $150 dollars i'd be more on the fence. I'm a fan of the lightweight, but not the plastic build. I'm a fan of the easy to access buttons, but not a fan that you can't lock those controls. Still it's something I suggest every DSLR shooter carry if you don't already have a portable audio recorder. In fact, with the Audio-Technica LAV mic, I think it will be a perfect fit to replace many situations where you would be using a Wireless type setup.

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Extremely random. The video below just shows the new 3pcs lighting kit from this article https://cheesycam.com/new-800w-barndoor-softboxes-3pcs-lighting/ was used to record the Zoom H1 video.