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A few days ago I received a package from Jag35.com. I've been very excited about this, so what's in the box? Well the box was a bit larger than I expected, but that's because of the included rig that was shipped along with two motors. This is a prototype of their soon-to-be-available Wireless Follow Focus V2 system. The motors are essentially the same, but if you choose to run two motors, one can control the lens Zoom Ring and the other can control the Focus Ring. If you're shooting on a Prime, you would only need one.

Jag35-Rig-WFF-Follow-Focus-35 Jag35-Rig-WFF-Follow-Focus-36

This Jag35 rig in the box has one handle in front and one kitty-corner to the rear. A simple but effective way to stabilize for hand held shooting. I don't think this is a standard rig, but you can see the many different Jag35 Shoulder Rigs on their website (Click Here). One interesting part of the Jag35 rig is the anti-rotation lock screw. They are pre-drilled so that you can align a tiny set screw under the camera to prevent any movement. Because a follow focus gear must be perfectly lined up, any shifting of the camera position can cause problems. A nice little touch on the Jag35 base plate that you won't see very often on other rigs.

I don't have time to run through all the stuff right now, but i'm leaving you all with a few images out of the box of what all the new pieces look like. It's all custom metal housings on the WFF system, and all metal parts on the Rig. keep in mind that this is a very early prototype of the WFF V2, so things might change in the production model. More to come when I set this up (possibly tomorrow). BTW the gallery below has 2 pages of images.