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Vimeo member HD Cam Team or at https://hdcamteam.com, is showing off a new prototype USB Controller for Canon DSLRs. In the video they talk about how the newly announced Okii MC1 Mini USB remote can control options in the camera for both photography and video, even something as simple as starting Live View / Start / Stop Video recording. The most interesting part comes at the end of the video when they mention a unique feature 'Extra Auto-start function', which allows you to record video passing the 4GB file size limit. Say goodbye to 12 minute recording times, i'm sold already!

Actually after reading through a bit the exact words used are

"An optional automatic recording restart feature is included, which can stop and restart video recording at 11-minute intervals for long film sequences, or can act as a fail safe."

Sounds like you'll be missing a few frames in between and won't be a seamless integration of two video files. Still better than stopping all together. Hopefully we'll hear more about that too.

The USB Controller is fully compatible with the following cameras:

  • Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • Canon EOS T3i/600D
  • Canon EOS T2i/550D
  • Canon EOS 500D/T1i
  • Okii MC1

    The Okii MC1 mini USB Controller can be had over at https://www.okii.net/product_p/mc1.htm.