New Canon USB Controller – Okii MC1 Mini USB

Vimeo member HD Cam Team or at, is showing off a new prototype USB Controller for Canon DSLRs. In the video they talk about how the newly announced Okii MC1 Mini USB remote can control options in the camera for both photography and video, even something as simple as starting Live View / Start / Stop Video recording. The most interesting part comes at the end of the video when they mention a unique feature 'Extra Auto-start function', which allows you to record video passing the 4GB file size limit. Say goodbye to 12 minute recording times, i'm sold already!

Actually after reading through a bit the exact words used are

"An optional automatic recording restart feature is included, which can stop and restart video recording at 11-minute intervals for long film sequences, or can act as a fail safe."

Sounds like you'll be missing a few frames in between and won't be a seamless integration of two video files. Still better than stopping all together. Hopefully we'll hear more about that too.

The USB Controller is fully compatible with the following cameras:

  • Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • Canon EOS T3i/600D
  • Canon EOS T2i/550D
  • Canon EOS 500D/T1i
  • Okii MC1

    The Okii MC1 mini USB Controller can be had over at

    13 thoughts on “New Canon USB Controller – Okii MC1 Mini USB

    1. Hi everyone,

      First of all, thanks a lot to Emm who posted this information including the video and link to our site. Much appreciated! (I also check your site very often, great stuff here)

      Regarding the Okii MC1:

      My hands are big indeed, don't use that as reference (check the size of the 5D2 + grip + QR plate, and some distortion due to the high proximity of the recording camera).

      The specifications of MC1 are indicated in the Press Release, and of course on the product's page.

      There's also a picture showing a Canon EOS 7D and a MC1 as reference:

      So if you feel comfortable with a 7D or similar sized DSLR, you shouldn't have any problem with the MC1 size.

      It is compact (and very strong, not a cheap construction/feel at all), but not so small as you may think comparing to my hands.

      It's ideal for mounting on rig and control the camera from there, near or next to your handle thanks to those three mounting options.

      According to the manufacturer this controller was designed for professional use, especially to be mounted on rig as the main target. But, as mentioned in the video, you can of course use it as a traditional remote to control your camera mounted on a crane, etc.

      Unfortunately I didn't have any rig near me to show MC1 mounted on it at the moment of recording that video, but I decided to show it anyway.

      Prices are always very relative indeed. Good stuff use to be "pricey".

      I personally can understand it may seem pricey to some people, but for those who spend thousand dollars on rigs, camera(s), lens(es) or extra accessories, this is really affordable. Especially considering the great build quality, flexibility of use and features it has.

      IMHO it's a great accessory, even essential for serious amateurs and professionals who shoot video.


    2. David

      I see it is quite small in hand after looking again. Close to a handheld controller. But Price???I will wait for the economical version.

    3. David

      Very pricey. A simple hand heldstyle timelapse controller design would have been great and kept price down I am sure. Keep the price down and you will sell more units to videographers running 3 cams at once.
      Nice but again too pricey.

    4. D.S.

      The auto restart isn´t a unique feature of the Okii.
      Magic Lantern has this long time ago.
      At least 6 months.

      Nice remote but very pricy for my taste.
      cheers 😀

    5. Emm

      Post author

      @Jesper - Yes that too, but there's also a hefty fee for cameras that record longer than 29 minutes. If it's under 29 minutes, it's not considered a 'video camera'. The reason why the 1Dx still records only 29 minutes (but will start a new file).

    6. Rob

      Seems pricey at $230 but worth it if it does what it says. Would be nice if they actually designed it to be more ergonomic for rig use.

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