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iPad Tilt ShiftiPad Tilt Shift

TiltShift Generator for iPad makes for interesting photos. Several different image editing options and blur control make this one cool little application, not to mention several thousands of dollars cheaper than a Lens.

Features (from iTunes)
- The original iPhone version was ranked second in the Photo Manipulation app category of the Best App Ever Awards. Judges included expert journalists from Wired, IGN, ArsTechnica and many more - these guys know what they're talking about!

- Twitter and email sharing - show the world your creations.
- Comprehensive in-app tutorial.
- Support for a range of image resolutions.
- Radial and linear blur masks.
- Blur strength control.
- Saturation, contrast and brightness controls.
- Vignetting (corner shadowing).
- In-app developer contact - we listen to our customers.

Available Here:

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