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I got a tip about a new Tascam DR-03 Digital Portable audio recorder that looks similar to the DR-08 model. This product hasn't even been released yet. This model goes for fixed microphone positions over the flexible ones as the DR-08, and comes in cheaper than the Zoom H1. It's also advertised as a 'Solid State' recorder, so does this mean no MicroSD option? There was very little to no information about this recorder right now, so I emailed Tascam directly. After finding out The Tascam DR-03 only goes up to 48 KHz/24 bit compared to the DR-08's 96 KHz / 24bit, I lost some interest.

Although it's not the highest quality portable recorder, if you're not an Audiophile, even the compressed version of my Tascam vs Zoom H1 screwed up test wasn't all that bad. By the way, I did update the old article post with some Audio WAV samples for those who were asking. They are the large RAW files up to 80MB. So if you're looking for something in a slimmer profile than the Zoom H1, and don't mind the 48KHZ / 24bit audio, check out the new Tascam DR-03 SOLID STATE DIGITAL RECORDER .