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Here's a closer look at the Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Slider along with the new AT2 Joystick for real time motion control. The standard bundle can be purchased non-motorized ready to use manually for any of your video productions - silent, smooth, and breaks down as small as 20" for travel.

If you feel the standard bundle isn't long enough, expanding to 6,8, or even 10 feet is easy with their seamless rail extension kits available in Aluminum or Carbon Fiber. Each extension kit includes a mid-span support, so you can provide proper support no matter how long your track becomes. If you're too lazy to add multiple sections of 20" rails together, they offer longer sections up to 60" each (obviously not as travel friendly).
Dynamic Perception Joystick Cheesycam Review Stage One Motorized SliderDynamic Perception Carbon Fiber Rail Kit Extension
Stage One Base Slider Bundle and Carbon Fiber Rail Extensions

When you're ready to take it to the next level, you can always upgrade along the way, or just start out with one of the Motorized Slider Bundles that include a highly programmable controller that can be expanded to control more than one motor for more advanced motion such as a pan/tilt head.
AT2 Controller Dynamic Perception Joystick Cheesycam Review Stage One Motorized Slider Bundle
Stage One Complete Motorized Slider Bundle

Like many motorized slider systems, when using the Stage One motion control during a live video shoot, noise will be apparent. The camera sits directly on a stage with the motor very close to the camera. Depending on the speed and motor you choose, the noise may be picked up even if your microphone is a small distance from the slider. Still you can always switch to manual mode by removing the drive belt and simply operating by hand which is very smooth and very silent.

When you need real time motion control operation, the new AT2 Joystick controller is the optional accessory to get. The AT2 Joystick also offers a cruise mode for hands-free operation. The AT2 easily lets you control direction and speed in real time.

AT2 Controller Dynamic Perception Joystick Cheesycam Review Stage One Motorized Sliderat2-3
AT2 Joystick Real Time Motion Controller