Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Slider with AT2 Controller

Here's a closer look at the Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Slider along with the new AT2 Joystick for real time motion control. The standard bundle can be purchased non-motorized ready to use manually for any of your video productions - silent, smooth, and breaks down as small as 20" for travel.

If you feel the standard bundle isn't long enough, expanding to 6,8, or even 10 feet is easy with their seamless rail extension kits available in Aluminum or Carbon Fiber. Each extension kit includes a mid-span support, so you can provide proper support no matter how long your track becomes. If you're too lazy to add multiple sections of 20" rails together, they offer longer sections up to 60" each (obviously not as travel friendly).
Dynamic Perception Joystick Cheesycam Review Stage One Motorized SliderDynamic Perception Carbon Fiber Rail Kit Extension
Stage One Base Slider Bundle and Carbon Fiber Rail Extensions

When you're ready to take it to the next level, you can always upgrade along the way, or just start out with one of the Motorized Slider Bundles that include a highly programmable controller that can be expanded to control more than one motor for more advanced motion such as a pan/tilt head.
AT2 Controller Dynamic Perception Joystick Cheesycam Review Stage One Motorized Slider Bundle
Stage One Complete Motorized Slider Bundle

Like many motorized slider systems, when using the Stage One motion control during a live video shoot, noise will be apparent. The camera sits directly on a stage with the motor very close to the camera. Depending on the speed and motor you choose, the noise may be picked up even if your microphone is a small distance from the slider. Still you can always switch to manual mode by removing the drive belt and simply operating by hand which is very smooth and very silent.

When you need real time motion control operation, the new AT2 Joystick controller is the optional accessory to get. The AT2 Joystick also offers a cruise mode for hands-free operation. The AT2 easily lets you control direction and speed in real time.

AT2 Controller Dynamic Perception Joystick Cheesycam Review Stage One Motorized Sliderat2-3
AT2 Joystick Real Time Motion Controller

9 thoughts on “Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Slider with AT2 Controller

  1. Rob

    @ Craig. I'm just thinking the same., extensions are expensive! You could pop into your local DIY store to get some copper plumbing pipe. Either chop it up into 2ft, 4ft sections etc. Then measure the internal diameter & buy a pipe that will slide inside neatly. Chop the internal pipe sections into 3 inch sections and use a blow torch equivalent to effectively solder 1.5 inch inside the larger pipe. the other 1.5 inch protrudes out to slide into the next larger section of pipe.

    I'm gonna take the end machined bracket of my Stage one & get it measured & get the right diameter pipe. To connect it to the original threaded pipes of the stage one try measuring the internal diameter of the threaded bit & then create a few bushes inside the pipe to get the desired diameter & snug fit.

    This has gotta be a whole lot cheaper that $500 odd for 4ft more carbon fibre

  2. Craig

    Anyone know where to find aluminum extension rods that will fir the Stage One Slider? DP sells them for $250 for a pair! They appear to be 25mm or 1" OD aluminum tubes with threading - male on one end, female on the opposite. I'm hoping to find them much less expensive than DP as they are very simple build. I'd like to extend my 4 foot stage one by at least another 4 feet. Thanks in advance for any help or links anyone can offer.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @jake - Any other person might not even notice. It's only because you know the equipment you might be too focused on the shots and not the story. I watched BB and I don't find it at all distracting, but I can't say whether it helps the narrative either.

  4. jake

    The overuse of these shots in Breaking Bad make these shots a whole lot less enticing. Every other shot in BB is a slider shot that doesn't really add much to the narrative. It is starting to look very amateur to me because it is so common.

  5. MN

    It's a great tool for those speciality shots. Not hard to learn either. Up in running in about 2 hours when I used one of their models for the first time last year.

  6. I just received my AT2 controller last week and it works great with my older Stage Zero system. For live motion control, it's an awesome add on!

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