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Here's yet another MoCo (motion control) module from Edelkrone that adds additional functionality to your SliderPlus+ video slider. I was a bit confused at first, but generally the new Action Module combines features from previous modules all wrapped up in one.

And of course for additional information, you can visit the Edelkrone product page (found here).

Edelkrone Action Module for SliderPlus+ Video Sliders


Edelkrone has released another video showing off the latest Module addition compatible with the Slider PLUS+ v2 or Slider PLUS+ Pro. The new Craft Module allows you to achieve Time-Lapse, Stop Motion and Macro Slide Shots easily.

Combined with their unique SliderPlus+ design, these all add up to some very handy features packed into such a small form factor. The new Craft Module is listed at $699 (without slider). For more information about Edelkrone products, check out the website at https://Edelkrone.com.

Edelkrone Craft Module for SliderPLUS+ v2 and PRO



Edelkrone, - July 12 , 2013
Edelkrone has introduced many changes to SLIDERPLUS and will be releasing this new version July 15. This new version is designed with more aesthetics in mind. So it fits and looks better in your production environment. Color change, hidden wheels, more unified look… SLIDERPLUS v2 comes in 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large which delivers 40,60 and 80 cm of camera travel respectively.

Even more silent operation: Delrin wheels working on aluminum rails give more silent and smoother results. The New SliderPLUS comes with 1/4’’ to 3/8’’ converters, providing changeable mounting options. Thus, you can now mount both types of tripods to SLIDERPLUS. Pricing and availability info can be found from www.edelkrone.com from July 15.

We've actually taken the original Edelkrone SliderPLUS+ out a few times, and despite some of the quirks (which have been addressed in V2), it is a very smooth well built slider that is the only one to offer both the benefits of a compact travel size and combine it with sufficient slider travel distance in a single package. Here's a short video of our tests with the original SLIDERPLUS+.

The original SLIDERPLUS+ can still be found via eBay (Click Here).

Edelkrone SliderPlus NAB2013 Motorized Motor Pan Head copy
find-price-button Edelkrone SliderPlus Compact Video Slider


Ok, so i'm late to the party for posting this up, but I was busy during the holidays with the family. Anyways, in case you missed it, here's a demo from Edelkrone's unique SliderPlus+. It's a 1ft slider (to fit your travel bags), that travels 2ft. Doesn't sound like very much sliding movement, but as with any tool, you just have to be creative about what you're using it for. There are still questions about how smooth the slider really is when operated by hand, but with a motorized adapter on the way, this slider can be very consistent with movements.

Edelkrone Slider Plus Retractable 2ft Slider


Edelkrone has claimed to have 'Reinvented the Slider'. From what i'm seeing, I would agree. This time around it looks like they've conjured up a 2 ft slider that slides longer than 2 ft. Or is it a 1ft slider that slides 2 ft? As most dual rail sliders require two stands, the Slider Plus only requires one tripod.

Slider Plus Edelkrone

Starting your video from one end of common sliders will often show your rails in view, but with Edelkrone's unique retracting design, the rails move with the camera. Starting at $499, you can find more information about Edelkrone's latest release at the Slider Plus product page (Click Here)

Edelkrone Slider Plus Retractable 2ft Slider