Press Release: Edelkrone Newly Designed SLIDERPLUS+ V2


Edelkrone, - July 12 , 2013
Edelkrone has introduced many changes to SLIDERPLUS and will be releasing this new version July 15. This new version is designed with more aesthetics in mind. So it fits and looks better in your production environment. Color change, hidden wheels, more unified look… SLIDERPLUS v2 comes in 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large which delivers 40,60 and 80 cm of camera travel respectively.

Even more silent operation: Delrin wheels working on aluminum rails give more silent and smoother results. The New SliderPLUS comes with 1/4’’ to 3/8’’ converters, providing changeable mounting options. Thus, you can now mount both types of tripods to SLIDERPLUS. Pricing and availability info can be found from from July 15.

We've actually taken the original Edelkrone SliderPLUS+ out a few times, and despite some of the quirks (which have been addressed in V2), it is a very smooth well built slider that is the only one to offer both the benefits of a compact travel size and combine it with sufficient slider travel distance in a single package. Here's a short video of our tests with the original SLIDERPLUS+.

The original SLIDERPLUS+ can still be found via eBay (Click Here).

Edelkrone SliderPlus NAB2013 Motorized Motor Pan Head copy
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16 thoughts on “Press Release: Edelkrone Newly Designed SLIDERPLUS+ V2

  1. I would recommend Kessler, Miller or Matthews above all others. I have not tried the Cinevate ones. I had a SliderPlus XL. I will be polite and say that it was an innovative idea. I bought it in March 2013, received it in April 2013. I tried to use it but the thing was so jumpy that it was unusable for video. I tried to contact them about this - nothing.
    A good slider is worth the money. A bad slider is a waste of your time and money. It is the same when it comes to a Steadicam.
    (I have a modula 3 as well. It is ok.)

  2. AndersM

    To you guys struggling with the brake:
    You can get a proper lock for it that locks it in the center position.
    You can see it in use after 2:18 in this video: httpss://

    I contacted Edelkrone after seeing this and they sent me the lock. I had to pay for shipping.

  3. clement

    @ Arturo :
    I think they'll proceed as they've done with the v1,
    you'll have to wait a few months to have the larger sizes.
    That's why the two smaller ones are available now.

  4. Michael

    After I saw Edelkrone's new slider yesterday and it's huge price decided I would build my own today. Here is a video of my DIY Edelkrone Style Slider.

  5. I've purchased V.1 as soon it was made available. While the form factor made it exactly the slider I needed, I did find that there are some annoying design problems. The sliding is usually pretty smooth but the stage can otherwise be loose and shaky and the lock is not very good. Also, the is no way to just attach a quick release plate if you don't need a head. Screwing one on sits at a weird angle. I do find myself tightening everything on it frequently as well. I get about an hour of use before everything goes wonky. None of these things have made it a bad slider and I now don't even use my Kessler dolly but I hope the new version is more than just an aesthetic improvement.

  6. Peter

    I bought the first version of this thing, I could not be more disappointed. I thought hey I can keep this slider on my tripod and it won't add much weight and I actually use my slider instead of leaving it behind on shoots. Well that worked for 2 days then the slider lock stopped working, I tightened everything and it never returned to it's orignal working condition. To get the slider not to move you need to over-tighten the screw on the lock, only problem is when you carry your tripod it works it way loose no matter what you do. The belt broke the last time I used the thing and I called/emailed for a replacement. That was two months response, horrid service, $500 for a product that had obviously never been tested outside their office to shoot slider shots of employees not returning emails. If your are planing on ever walking around with your tripod this product will only infuriate you.

  7. Dermot D

    What happen to the promised motor control for the slider?
    Why is the original slider off their store site?
    (also, did they fix the wonky slop issue the unit has?)
    My inquiry to Edelkrone in June 2013.
    "Thank you for your email and your interest in edelkrone.

    The target module and the Motion control module will be available for purchase separately from the SliderPLUS within 1-2 months."

    I bought the slider with their promise of the "coming soon" motor.
    Thanks for the deception Edelkrone.

  8. Rob S.

    Definitely some of the most innovative DSLR video products and great responsive customer service. But they always seem backed up on everything.

  9. Luke Kwan

    The same thing almost happened to me with their flow focus.

    Luckily, mine hadn't shipped yet when they announced the new version. They added a whip port.

    I'd say try to flip it on eBay.

  10. Paul

    Just a week ago bought my v1 on ebay. I doesn't look like there is much of an improvement in v2 except, I think, they might've redone the locking mechanism (judging by the looks in official video).

    The problem is, that the lock on v1 isn't firm enough to use your video head for traditional pan/tilt while it sits on top of a slider. Which is kind of sad.

  11. in the market to upgrade my slider. Had the Konova slider but wasn't too happy with the results. The slides were never smooth as nicks and debris always got caught in the roller bearings.

    I was looking at the Edelkrone or something like the Kessler Stealth.

    Any thoughts?

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