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That's a Sony NEX-7 with Canon FD 20mm lens balanced with a Skyler Mini stabilizer (above). It's got all the right micro adjustment fine tuning knobs found in all the right places.The Glidecam HD has only fine tuning knobs on the top stage, but the Skyler stabilizer also has a micro adjustment for the sliding post so you can micro adjust the counterweight. There's a quick release plate on top so that you can dismount or mount your camera quickly without having to re-balance each time. I was able to find this one used at a great price, and i'm glad I did. The only thing I'm noticing is that I might have a slightly older version. The one seen in the product pages shows another counter weight adjustment at the bottom and another adjustment on the top stage. Luckily I didn't need this to balance my camera, but i'm sure it would make it easier for other setups.

Demo Video with Skyler MiniCam Stabilizers

Build quality it top notch, comes with some spare parts too. I have only had a few hours with it, but I can confirm that the footage you see in the above demo is indeed easily achievable. The Skyler comes with several stacking weights and can support even larger DSLR cameras. The handle is a bit short, and you have to position it differently than with the Glidecam or Flycam stabilizers. Although the Gimbal is small, it's extremely smooth. While I have problems balancing a stock GH2 on the Flycam without having to add more weight to the top, the Skyler seems to take these lightweight cameras quite well. I'm working on getting some close up videos of the little parts and sample footage of the Skyler in use.

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The Skyler MiniCam has been a work in progress floating around the Internet for a very long time, but this is the first time i've seen it available on eBay. A clever little stabilizer which stands on it's own like a tripod, looks to have great build quality, and very simple fine tuning knobs. A 1/4-20 thread under the stabilizer allows you to mount it on a Monopod so that you can don't need to dismount your camera.

Skyler MiniCam stabilizerSkycam MiniCam Stabilizer

Unfortunately the asking price of over $620 dollars is a big umm..'heck no' for me. It's too bad they couldn't get the Skyler under the $200 dollar price tag, I think it could be a hit. I guess if you want to compare the price to an $800 dollar Steadicam Merlin, it's not looking so bad, but there's so many more stabilizer options now for under $300 dollars. If you're still curious, there's some additional demo videos of the Skyler MiniCam stabilizer in use over at the auction page (click here).

Skyler MiniCam StabilizerSkyler Mini Camera Stabilizer
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