Skyler MiniCam DSLR Video Stabilizer

The Skyler MiniCam has been a work in progress floating around the Internet for a very long time, but this is the first time i've seen it available on eBay. A clever little stabilizer which stands on it's own like a tripod, looks to have great build quality, and very simple fine tuning knobs. A 1/4-20 thread under the stabilizer allows you to mount it on a Monopod so that you can don't need to dismount your camera.

Skyler MiniCam stabilizerSkycam MiniCam Stabilizer

Unfortunately the asking price of over $620 dollars is a big umm..'heck no' for me. It's too bad they couldn't get the Skyler under the $200 dollar price tag, I think it could be a hit. I guess if you want to compare the price to an $800 dollar Steadicam Merlin, it's not looking so bad, but there's so many more stabilizer options now for under $300 dollars. If you're still curious, there's some additional demo videos of the Skyler MiniCam stabilizer in use over at the auction page (click here).

Skyler MiniCam StabilizerSkyler Mini Camera Stabilizer
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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @cee - I don't have the 12mm but i'll see about balancing with the 14mm pancake. The more weight the better for those very small cameras, so maybe adding a quick release baseplate might help.

  2. cee

    with a gh2 is it better to add a little weight on the rig? maybe a cheese plate or quick release under it to make it a little heavier? thanks

  3. cee

    well i got it 🙂 im having a tough time finding perfect balance. i get it for a bit then it starts to fall one direction. im using a gh2 and slr magic 12mm. any experience using this configuration?
    thanks brotha

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @cee - The quality on the Skyler is very very good, so it's down to a matter of preference on what type of stabilizer you like to fly. I personally find it easier to steer stabilizers that are designed like the Glidecam with a long post and Gimbal in the center of the post.

  5. cee

    it looks great. balanced after dissembly disassembly is great too. but for less than 200 bucks i can get a new merlin 2 from b&h (700)
    any thoughts on this?

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  7. Found out about skyler minicam through cheesycam.Thanks Emm. The thing that made me jump to buy it was that it can stand on its own like a tripod and how simple it looks to balance(also the dynamic balance shot) Which I could never achieve on my steadicam merlin. Hesitant at first since I can only see few shots samples beside the ones in Thailand. Just got my order this morning and within 30 min I was able to balance it and achieve the dynamic balance i was so impressed with. For me it works Great and I can fly without the rocking motion I got from my merlin. Im using it on my 60D with a 15mm lens. It wouldve been Great if the price was around $400.But so far no regrets. Just posted my merlin on ebay.

  8. robert

    I actually bought one of the earlier versions of the Skyler about a year ago after being frustrated with the handling of the Merlin. Obviously the Merlin isn't bad, but it's way to nerveous for things like slow traveling shots and too sensitive to wind to be useful outside. Also the Merlin will go immediately off balance, when put down on its side, so it requires an additional stand to keep it upright during breaks on a shoot. The Skyler stands on its own feet, so no additional gear is needed to keep it in balance during breaks. The Merlin might be lighter by itself, but once all the weights necessary to balance a mid size DSLR are attached the difference between the Merlin and the Skyler shrinks to an almost negligible amount. The build quality of the Skyler is very good, indeed in some ways it might even be better than the Merlin, which struck me as very elegant, but quite fragile.
    As for the price I can obviously only compare the Skyler and the Merlin since those are the only two stabilizers I ever had, and between the two there is definitely more value for the money with the Skyler than with the Merlin. I also can't really see how to make this thing a lot cheaper.
    I used both of these stabilizers with the Canon 7D, the 5d Mk2, and now the Nex-7, and I have never regretted having changed from the Merlin to the Skyler, not once.

  9. Ok guys, I've tested it with a borrowed Manfrotto monopod and the Glidecam HD-1000 and it works amazingly! it's a very simple mod too! 😀
    It allows you to have an overall LIGHTER setup because you need to use less weights for any given camera/configuration. 🙂

    @Jayhas I saw Emm's review on the M50 but decided to go with the L50. It's 2" longer when folded but much taller when open. Apart from that they're the same.
    It should arrive in a day or so and I'll post a tutorial as soon as I get it.

    @AR I've not seen any good results from the Flowpod. The Magic Carbon Fiber stabilizer by Wondlan Looks great but only two videos online, one tutorial and one first time test. looks good but many are reluctant to buy as there's not enough footage.

  10. Mav

    According to the developer, he stated that this would support a 5DMII and 24-70 lens. That's a decent amount of weight, I think, considering how small this is, but the price is still a ton. I like some of the versitlity of this but I can buy a pair of GCHD4000's for one of these.

  11. @nitsan, the Velbon m50 Ultrastick monopod was what I had in mind to go with the Nano. It is so compact it stays in my small backpack which I carry every day. Look forward to see your mod.

  12. @jayhas, I'm trying to come up with something.
    I'm trying to find a monopod that's cheap AND folds compact enough so I can try it. I'll post a vid and send it to Emm if I manage to do this.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Victor - This Skyler can only handle so much weight. There is the Flycam Nano or Flycam Nano DSLR that would be in this range.

  14. I like the idea of the monopod extension. How about a DIY mod for the Nano Flycam.

    @Emm - any ideas on how-to? I recall you did something on the flycam for your 3D GoPro low shot project.

  15. @Altamiradora,

    Oh! alors je suppose que des blagues sur moi! 🙂

    J'espère que quelqu'un ne les copiez en Chine et en masse, il produit à l'extrémité inférieure de prix.

    Ok back to English I promise Emm. 😛

  16. Tony

    Yea, that picture above "Find Prices" look like you'd get 5 minutes before your wrist starts screaming in pain. Where do these guys think the market is for things like this at that price range? sheesh.

  17. I was gonna say, that looks like a great low budget solution.. but then I looked at the price.. That's more than a Gliecam or that Magic Carbon stabilizer which also turns into a monopod and looks like it's much better than this. And it's almost the price of a Merlin. :O
    If that was in the $300 range people would probably buy it.

  18. Rob S.

    All of these great ideas that are hindered by a giant sized price like that Skier rig you talked about a while ago. Nice concept but so expensive that the eBay seller has only sold one all year.

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