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I'm hoping this new BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera starts shipping before NAB. It's only a 1080p camera similar to the BMPCC, but seems to have more dynamic range and can now shoot up to 60p! [not to be confused with the Micro Studio Camera]

Learn-More-sm BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera


[Note: This is not another tutorial on simply using LightRoom. It's actually a much faster method that only uses Adobe Lightroom to create a custom Preset.]

Let me start by saying, the best way to edit the CinemaDNG files from the BlackMagic Design cameras is to use Davinci. Of course these RAW files are nothing but still images, so if many of you favor Adobe Lightroom for editing pictures, here's a little tip on how to save it as a preset to use in Adobe Camera RAW.

I tend to like the workflow and layout of Adobe Lightroom, especially on how well it can clean up noise if you have grainy footage. I think it's much faster [and better] than trying to run 'noise reduction' software once it's laid out in your video timeline. The problem is that Lightroom can be pretty slow to export your images once you're done editing. So this technique will allow you to make changes to one CinemaDNG file and apply it to all the files through the Camera RAW app.

If you shoot RAW with a Canon DSLR + Magic Lantern, you may already be familiar with using Camera RAW. If you haven't done this already, now you can start your edits with Adobe Lightroom, and finish the entire sequence of images through Camera RAW.

Summary of Steps
Step 1) Take one RAW image into Adobe Lightroom, tweak your settings, and then export to DNG.
Step 2) Open your exported DNG image in Adobe Photoshop and this should bring up Camera RAW.
Step 3) Save the preset and close Camera RAW.
Step 4) Now open all of your BMPCC RAW images in Photoshop (should launch Camera RAW) and Load the Preset.
Step 5) Make sure to 'Select All' and synchronize to apply to all frames.
Step 6) Save Images > Export to Folder

Once you have all of your color corrected images saved from Camera RAW, you can easily bring them into your video editor similar to a Timelapse project. Depending on what format was used during the export process (JPEG, TIFF), you will still have some lateral to color correct / grade within your editing software.


Let me start off by apologizing for sooo many BMPCC posts in the last week, but for the record i'm just as tired blogging about the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera as I am hearing about it. The reason I had to get all of this information out quickly is because yesterday I had to send the little guy back to the www.dvestore.com, and not many other people will have this camera in the coming months.

BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera w/ Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS - photo credit Dion Wong

So this should be the last 'video review' you'll get from me for a while. In this video I thought about doing a wrap up and summary of things you already knew and some things you probably didn't know about the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

There will of course be many occasions (at least for me) where ProRes and RAW are just overkill for storage and post work, so other small cameras like the Panasonic GH3 (sale ends in two weeks BTW) or Canon 5D Mark III are more beneficial offering high quality with smaller file sizes and longer battery life. The BMPC camera also does not double duty as a fast stills camera, so many will still end up carrying a second body around just for that reason.

Keiko Alingas w/ @GearAddix BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Shoot - photo credit Dion Wong

I'm not saying this isn't a a great camera, in fact i'm still excited for my Pocket Cinema Cameras to arrive. I think the size, quality, features, and price of this camera make it a tool that many professionals would love to have available to them. If you can afford the BPMC and the few items it requires to work smoothly, then by all means go for it. If they unlock the RAW features, this camera will be (dare I say) 'a game changer'. I think i'll end this article here since most of my thoughts are already added in the video (above).

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