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Here's a quick production tip. One problem I run into quite a bit is when i'm asked to offer a multiview (quad view) of the different camera angles (especially handy with interview setups). While you can buy a dedicated monitor that offers these features, a more flexible way is to use a Multiview adapter like the Decimator DMON-4s (found here). Again, this is helpful when you need to direct multiple shooters, or when you need to share all of the feeds to a client for a review.

This is also helpful when shooting events as you can monitor what your other shooters are doing (framing, exposure, etc.). The Decimator DMON Adapter allows you to input up to (4) SDI inputs and can display QuadView. You can change the multiview to display just 1 camera, 2 cameras, or 4 cameras (quad view). Since the Decimator DMON-4s outputs via HDMI, it will work with any monitor that can accept an HD input signal via HDMI.

decimator dmon 4sdecimator dmon-4s quad quadview multiview
Learn-More-sm Decimator QuadView: https://cheesycam.tv/DMON