Production Tip: Add Multi Camera Views QuadView to any HDMI Monitor

Here's a quick production tip. One problem I run into quite a bit is when i'm asked to offer a multiview (quad view) of the different camera angles (especially handy with interview setups). While you can buy a dedicated monitor that offers these features, a more flexible way is to use a Multiview adapter like the Decimator DMON-4s (found here). Again, this is helpful when you need to direct multiple shooters, or when you need to share all of the feeds to a client for a review.

This is also helpful when shooting events as you can monitor what your other shooters are doing (framing, exposure, etc.). The Decimator DMON Adapter allows you to input up to (4) SDI inputs and can display QuadView. You can change the multiview to display just 1 camera, 2 cameras, or 4 cameras (quad view). Since the Decimator DMON-4s outputs via HDMI, it will work with any monitor that can accept an HD input signal via HDMI.

decimator dmon 4sdecimator dmon-4s quad quadview multiview
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5 thoughts on “Production Tip: Add Multi Camera Views QuadView to any HDMI Monitor

  1. Post author

    @Noah Yuan-Vogel - Yup BM also has a multiview product, but they also have some quirks with the way it displays. The Decimator does have a weird menu, but if you can do it just once, it makes perfect sense.

  2. Might be worth noting a blackmagic multiview is the same price and has similar features. Decimators are often quite hard to use if you aren't a broadcast engineer whereas the blackmagic may be more friendly. Decimator tends to be a bit more robust and flexible if you can figure out the menus though I suppose.

  3. I just bought a couple used Teradek Clips for <$250 each and a used $160 ipad mini 2 as a wireless directors monitor with up to 4 feeds and plenty of battery life. Even supports some basic LUTs and other features. Only caveat is you need to put a wifi access point somewhere in range for multi-cam input. Only works if you dont mind a few frames of lag, but I'm looking into feeding larger monitors from it as well.

  4. Post author

    @Patrick - Yes I have a 4K monitor with a wuad view input. But as you mentioned it's quad view only with HDMI. But the benefit is the higher resolution for each view is HD.

    I mentioned the decimator first only because it allows you to use any monitor. Its more versatile this way if you want to one day use a large monitor or one day a tiny monitor.

  5. Patrick

    Hey Emm,

    thanks for the Tip!
    Did you check on the Production Monitors from Lilliput? They all offer QuadView and already come in a decent case. For SDI you must buy sdi to HDMI converter but most of our Setups are HDMI so these Monitor are really interesting.
    If you could do a video with one of them, i would find it very interesting:-)

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