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I couldn't make it out to the studio just yet, so I decided to shoot a 'First Glance' video of the new LED Light Panels hitting the market. This one in the video is the 1200 LED version, but they are available in 600 and 900 LED counts. Some versions are available with V-mount battery adapters and all lights are dimmable. We ran some color temperature tests just using the meters in the Sony EX1 and they had excellent results being 5600K and 3100K with the provided tungsten (yellow) filter.

I'll have to do a side by side comparison, but the 600 LED version of this new panel is said to throw light further than the older (more popular) 1000 LED panels. The 1200 LED panel i'm playing with here is 'extremely' light weight. Much easier to pack, travel, and handle than the other versions. Uh and FYI, I'm considering posting my (3)pcs 500 LED kit online very soon to upgrade to more of these. When that happens, you'll find it in the Cheesycam Classifieds.

find-price-button 600 Led Light Weight Studio Photo Light Dimmable Video Photography Lighting Sony V mount Battery adapter 14.8V DC 110V-230V

find-price-button 900 LED Dimmable Photography Video Camera DSLR 5400K/3200K Lighting Light Panel Sony V Mount battery Adapter INCLUDED 14V OUTPUT 110V-230V

find-price-button 1200 LED Dimmable Video Light Panel Still Photography Studio Portrait Lighting 24V DC, 110V-230V


Should the available US links (above) be out of stock, then you can find them over seas (below)
find-price-button eBay 600 LED, 900 LED, and 1200 LED Dimmable Video lights