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Glide Gear has offered to give away one of their Hybrid Track Dolly systems that can interchange wheels from basic rolling casters (for floors), or into a set of track casters for various types of pipe tracks. Included in this product giveaway from Glide Gear is also a set of 12 ft. Aluminum tracks that break down in 4ft sections and come with it's own carry bag. The video (below) shows an example of these products.

This combination of folding Tripod Dolly + Portable Aluminum Track is perfect for those looking for up to 12ft of long range camera movement. The track comes with 3 portable 4-ft sections that are assembled for each side, and lock into end clamps keeping the 1.25" diameter tracks at 28" apart. Each kit comes with their own travel bags. If you're looking for a chance to score one FREE, Register for this Product Giveaway (found here).

More information about these Products

Glide Gear Track DollyGlide Gear Cheesycam Giveaway Track Dolly
Specs: Glide Gear SYL-960 Video Camera Track Dolly Hybrid

  • Folds up with carry bag for easy transportation and storage
  • 4 high quality polyurethane wheels made specifically for track movement
  • Wheel assembly has full 360° swivel with slider capability
  • 6061 anodized aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardware
  • Includes wheeled castors and wrench for conversion to tripod dolly
  • Track wheel assembly has 4-wheels per assembly unit
  • Heavy duty, it can accommodate cameras up to 35lbs
  • Legs can slide out to make it 5" longer
  • Comes with a full 5-year warranty
  • SYL-960SYL-101-set

  • 12-ft track with 28" width and 1.25" rails
  • 3 portable 4-ft sections for each side
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Hollow pipe construction
  • Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth running
  • Comes with its own carry bag for convenience and portability
  • Works great with the Glide Gear 960 Track Dolly
  • syl-960_video_camera_track_dolly_hybrid_tl_4e0045101f314b0f6e7331335526064a
    SYL-960 Video Camera Track Dolly Hybrid with 12' Track - Product Giveaway

    The SYL-960 by Glidegear is an amazingly versatile track dolly. This unit will allow you to make world class professional films for a fraction of the price of some of the other upper end track dolly's on the market.
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    Register for the Glidegear SYL-960 Hybrid Track Dolly w/ Swivel & Slide Wheels + 12ft Aluminum Track Product Giveaway - Sponsored by Glide Gear

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    Unlike camera dollies that use an entire square platform, here's a build from AgeOfRockets.com that uses a configuration of simple planks in a very sturdy frame design. If built correctly, the unit should be able to break down fairly small and portable (less the rails). Full DIY and parts list following the link: https://www.ageofrockets.com/blog/?p=131

    Swift Camera Dolly

    Of course there's already a design on the market that shows how it's all put together, and how it's all taken apart. The Swift Dolly (coming out of India), comes with a portable 12' Rail system, rails ends, and portable camera dolly that can be broken down into several parts for traveling. The kit even comes with bags. For the price (and the ugly colored wheels), you might want to look into the DIY version first.

    swift portable dolly

    Swift camera dolly kit
    find-price-button Swift Video Camera Portable Dolly with 12' Track

    The hardest part about DIY track dollies are getting the wheels drilled in properly. If your angle of drilling does not have the wheels sitting in proper alignment, you'll get wobbly footage as you push down the track. For those who don't want to tackle the hardest part of cutting and drilling angle iron, there are some ready made dolly wheels that just need to be bolted in place. Just grab a single board, and you're ready to roll...

    find-price-button Ready Made Video Camera Track Dolly Wheel Assemblies