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This has been one of my favorite portable folding equipment carts that I often use when bringing out all of my video equipment. The retail price is listed around $119 dollars, but keep watch as they often go on sale. I managed to pick up several of them when they were on sale for $50 dollars. A second sale recently offered them for $75 dollars. If you're looking for a very small equipment cart to haul your Pelican Hardcases that easily fits in the trunk of you car, but hauls some pretty heavy gear, this is one to keep an eye on.

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Maybe i'm getting older, maybe I'm just working with more gear, or maybe i'm just getting smarter. Regardless, I never like to travel without some aid in transporting equipment. When i'm not flying my go to Gear cart is the Krane AMG Series Gear Carts. But unfortunately when it's time to fly, I need something extra small to check in at the gate.

rocknroller rmh1 portable hand truck

So that's when i'll bring along my RocknRoller RMH1 Portable Hand Truck (I own two of these). I can use it to bring luggage to the gate, and throw it in the bag for check-in. Later through the day I can use it to transport all the gear cases. It's approximately 10lbs, but can lift up to 200lbs. It doesn't fold completely flat, but unlike many other folding hand trucks, this one has a very long 18" nose (bottom tray) which is beneficial when handling large cases.

The wheels may look small, but are designed with a no-flat rubber material for a pneumatic like ride and low rolling resistance. There's also built in stair climbers when you need to pull the cart up a flight of stairs. Perfect? No, but with the long 18" nose, compact size, and run flat tires and priced at $69 dollars, it's pretty darn good and hard to beat. Find the RMH1 Portable Mini Hand Truck on Amazon (Click Here).

RocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-HandtruckRocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-Handtruck rock n roller
VIEW-ITEM RocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-Handtruck

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