RocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-Handtruck

Maybe i'm getting older, maybe I'm just working with more gear, or maybe i'm just getting smarter. Regardless, I never like to travel without some aid in transporting equipment. When i'm not flying my go to Gear cart is the Krane AMG Series Gear Carts. But unfortunately when it's time to fly, I need something extra small to check in at the gate.

rocknroller rmh1 portable hand truck

So that's when i'll bring along my RocknRoller RMH1 Portable Hand Truck (I own two of these). I can use it to bring luggage to the gate, and throw it in the bag for check-in. Later through the day I can use it to transport all the gear cases. It's approximately 10lbs, but can lift up to 200lbs. It doesn't fold completely flat, but unlike many other folding hand trucks, this one has a very long 18" nose (bottom tray) which is beneficial when handling large cases.

The wheels may look small, but are designed with a no-flat rubber material for a pneumatic like ride and low rolling resistance. There's also built in stair climbers when you need to pull the cart up a flight of stairs. Perfect? No, but with the long 18" nose, compact size, and run flat tires and priced at $69 dollars, it's pretty darn good and hard to beat. Find the RMH1 Portable Mini Hand Truck on Amazon (Click Here).

RocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-HandtruckRocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-Handtruck rock n roller
VIEW-ITEM RocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-Handtruck

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8 thoughts on “RocknRoller RMH1 Multi-Cart Mini-Handtruck

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @DefaultIT - I have a bunch of those folding hand trucks, and the only thing I like better about this RocknRoller is the very long nose. Without a long nose under your bags they slide off too easy and you really have to pull the hand truck way back. I find with the long nose the bags balance easier, and often don't need any straps even when I stack my bags up high.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @John - I normally use carts when I bring a lot of gear (lighting, audio, cameras, lenses, stabilizers, etc) so my favorite is the Krane AMG 750. It's heavier than their other carts, but you can fold it down pretty compact, and you can use it in different configurations if you don't need the largest form factor.

    Krane AMG Gear Cart Equipment Hand Truck Cheesycam

  3. Have had many rocknrollers over the years. Did not know they made such a small one, might need to get this. I was considering the dewalt mobile toolbox for a bit since it kinda would be a whatever type rolling method.

  4. Rob S.

    I have a couple of the bigger Rock n Roller carts but do need a small one for flying or just light loads. I was originally thinking of getting the Magna cart but heard that they don't hold up very well. This might be the ticket.

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