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One of the great things about the Panasonic GH4 cameras is the ability to switch to different codecs, framerates, and quality. For times when i'm just recording my kids sporting events, I choose lower bitrates (still 1080p) so that I can record hours of footage without using up much disk space.

Another handy feature when recording these types of sporting events is the ability to have smooth zooms in and out while keeping your subject in focus. Interestingly Panasonic offers two inexpensive 'Power Zoom' lenses specifically for this. The 14-42mm X and 45-175mm X lens.

Also note that I didn't show how the app works in Photo Mode. You can touch to focus and capture simultaneously anywhere on the screen. With the now faster auto focus of the GH4 this feature is a great tool as your subject moves around in frame.

The camera also responds differently when any Panasonic Auto Focus lens is set to continuous auto focus mode. The camera has the ability to track a subject while staying in focus. Try this if you're working with a hand held stabilizer.

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Wireless Remote with Panasonic Image App
Another handy feature built into the camera is WiFi. Download the free Panasonic Image App and you have the ability to control many features remotely including start/stop video, change color profiles, set white balance, ISO, framerates, and resolution.

Panasonic Image App Wireless WiFi Remote GH4 4

If you want to set focus by touching areas of the screen you will need a Panasonic Auto Focus Lens (any autofocus panasonic lens). If you want the ability to zoom in and out, you'll only get this option with the two Servo Power Zoom lenses I showed in the video.

Panasonic Wifi App

Having the ability to remotely monitor what the camera is shooting is especially handy when the camera is placed on a jib/crane, or if you wanted to share the feed. If you're working with multiple cameras, you can setup a wireless viewing area with a couple of iphones or super cheap android tablets.

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