Panasonic GH4 Power Zoom 14-42mm and 45-175mm Lenses and Wireless WiFi App Remote

One of the great things about the Panasonic GH4 cameras is the ability to switch to different codecs, framerates, and quality. For times when i'm just recording my kids sporting events, I choose lower bitrates (still 1080p) so that I can record hours of footage without using up much disk space.

Another handy feature when recording these types of sporting events is the ability to have smooth zooms in and out while keeping your subject in focus. Interestingly Panasonic offers two inexpensive 'Power Zoom' lenses specifically for this. The 14-42mm X and 45-175mm X lens.

Also note that I didn't show how the app works in Photo Mode. You can touch to focus and capture simultaneously anywhere on the screen. With the now faster auto focus of the GH4 this feature is a great tool as your subject moves around in frame.

The camera also responds differently when any Panasonic Auto Focus lens is set to continuous auto focus mode. The camera has the ability to track a subject while staying in focus. Try this if you're working with a hand held stabilizer.

find-price-buttonPanasonic Power Zoom 14-42mm Lens

find-price-button Panasonic Power Zoom 45-175mm Lens

Wireless Remote with Panasonic Image App
Another handy feature built into the camera is WiFi. Download the free Panasonic Image App and you have the ability to control many features remotely including start/stop video, change color profiles, set white balance, ISO, framerates, and resolution.

Panasonic Image App Wireless WiFi Remote GH4 4

If you want to set focus by touching areas of the screen you will need a Panasonic Auto Focus Lens (any autofocus panasonic lens). If you want the ability to zoom in and out, you'll only get this option with the two Servo Power Zoom lenses I showed in the video.

Panasonic Wifi App

Having the ability to remotely monitor what the camera is shooting is especially handy when the camera is placed on a jib/crane, or if you wanted to share the feed. If you're working with multiple cameras, you can setup a wireless viewing area with a couple of iphones or super cheap android tablets.

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36 thoughts on “Panasonic GH4 Power Zoom 14-42mm and 45-175mm Lenses and Wireless WiFi App Remote

  1. Hi
    can u confirm the that the only 2 power zoom lenses from panasonic can work with a lanc controller and what controller would u recommend for the zoom (and focus in case)

  2. Christian

    Does the Libec remote work with Olympus servo lenses or Tamrons 14-150mm ? need to know 🙂

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Leslie Pattison - I don't believe it will work with a G6, but try asking Panasonic. They are sometimes responsive via Twitter too.

  4. Leslie Pattison

    Hi Emm, nice informative vid.
    Do you know whether I can remote zoom with the Libec (ZC-3DV) ----- with my Lumix G6 and 14-42PZ?

  5. Box

    Hi, I just tried the panasonic remote app and have a question. Whenever I hit record, the focus peaking disappears and I cannot find a way to turn it back on. Is it suppose to function this way?

  6. Max

    Funny, that nobody notes it's not possible to get the image full screen. Have a galaxy tab 4 here, and the image is about half of the screen at max. Thats makes it to small for me to be useable on a jib or crane... I really hope panasonic fixes this quick and makes an an full screen option!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Erik - I do not believe that lens will work with the Zoom Focus controller remote. As far as I understand there are only two lenses that work at this time.

  8. Erik

    BTW, thanks for the Samys tip....I ordered it through them Sunday night, and received it Tuesday!

  9. Erik

    Emm...just got my gh4 yesterday! Nice camera so far. I see that b and h lists a 14-140 power zoom. I assume this would work as well? Also, have a varizoom zom/focus controller from a DVX 100 a few years back. Would the zoom control portion work for this scenario? Love your site!

  10. Dave

    Yes, I assumed the lenses would work on the GH3 (or another m4/3 camera for that matter), I was asking whether the external zoom remote worked with the GH3 or only with the GH4.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - These lenses were made before the GH4. The Zoom lenses also work on the GH3 and can be controlled from the lens or from the touch screen.

  12. David

    Screen touch Autofocus from a Sony Smartphone to a GH4 with an Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 works flawlessly.

  13. Chris Knight

    Oh just noticed that it's not LANC but Panasonic. Libec does make a remote (ZFC-5HD) and there are others that do both focus and zoom but seems they use different wires for focus and zoom.

  14. Chris Knight

    Setting up my shoulder rig, I'm realizing at least a remote shutter button would be keen. (I don't own any motorized zoom lenses, yet.) Does the LANC of the GH4 support focus control too? I wouldn't mind having a remote that could focus and zoom even if I generally use manual primes. ;^o

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - Yeah I would have to say the GH4 96fps is NOT going to be better than an FS700. The FS700 may be a better quality camera all around, but so many people find benefits from these smaller cameras with fast turn arounds on projects and very low key in public.

  16. Anthony

    Emm, I just purchased one of these as well, with the hopes that a speedbooster would come out sometime in the next three months before I shoot an out of country documentary series for TV. Any idea if my hopes are too high? I have a collection of canon lenses that I'd like to use on two GH4s. That RedRock Micro Live Lens looks mad expensive compared to a speedbooster, which would also positively affect fov.

    Also, I was thinking about investing in an FS700 to get slower and better quality slow motion. At this point, is the FS700 going out of date? Would that be a bad investment? And am I correct in thinking that the GH4 96fps image quality is worse than the FS700 240fps image quality?

    Thanks so much!!

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @tim morris - You can use Canon EF glass with special adapters like the RedRock Micro Live Lens or a new Aputure Adapter coming out later this year. You can mount EF lenses and control aperture. As far as M43 the #1 lens I highly suggest is the Panasonic 12-35mm F/2.8 OIS lens:

  18. tim morris

    I am a Canon guy….with lots of L glass that can't be used on the GH4. I recently bought the GH4 from Bhphotovideo. What in your opinion would be three of the best lenses to shoot videos….including primes and other brands. I value your opinion.

  19. arnaud

    Thanks for your video. Unfortunately I didn't learn much from it... What would have been interesting to see is :

    - The delay during "idle" (point at a digital stopwatch, see how much delay there is between the tablet and the camera)
    - The framerate during "idle" (move your camera around or point at a moving subject).
    - The same tests (Delay and Framerate) during different recording modes (FHD, [email protected], and 4K).
    - How far can the tablet be from the camera.

    That way we can know if this wifi mode is just a gadjet or if it is usuable in real world.

    ps : a Nexus7 isn't a very old tablet...

  20. Chris K.

    So tested using my iPad with my GH4 and it works well, but there are three disadvantages:

    1) drains batteries faster, increased temperature in the GH4 (don't know how significant but radios always generate heat and draw power)

    2) risk of accidentally touching the iPad and changing a setting/interrupting the shot (would be nice if they had a view-only option, I do like all of the displayed info though so you can confirm your settings on a big display)

    3) every time you do anything with the camera, a pop-up shows up on the iPad saying "camera operation in progress". The display continues to update underneath the pop-up but it is annoying. (Also could be resolved with a software fix on the iPad app.)

    But I still am debating whether to use the Lilliput monitor for my project, or return it and wait until I can afford an Atomos Shogun...

  21. Gear

    Hey Emm... you didn't mention anything about the change of aperture while zoom. I noticed the exposure meter reading several clicks into the Plus side while at f4 and then dialing back to within 1 click of center when zoomed in at f5.6. Interesting that the change in exposure didn't really register in the video though. Also, did I spot the infamous "exposure shift" while zooming? (This is a known issue with the 12-35mm X f2.8 where the mechanism has a tendency to "catch" at certain spots through the zoom range that there's a sudden exposure shift as the blades catch-up with the motion of the zoom...) Anyway, can you film some real-world sample of this setup working and possibly confirming whether or not the exposure changes noticeably while zooming?

    Great site, awesome work, love the DIYs!!!

  22. Chris K.

    Thank you SO MUCH for this video. My GH4 is stuck in UPS hell (I HATE UPS) but I hope to get it today. I have a 7" monitor (Lilliput 664 o/p/w) in transit but I'm thinking the wifi viewing might be sufficient. Any thoughts on benefits/drawbacks of a wired monitor vs. using a tablet as a wireless monitor on a video shoot? The monitor might just go back to Amazon unopened...

    Love your site by the way, sooooooo helpful!

    Oh did I mention I hate UPS?

  23. I'd rather not have to deal with one extra cable if I don't have to. But there are a few inexpensive Android tablets with HDMI out there, to revert back to a cable connection if it proves too laggy.

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - The Wifi monitoring is just a bit laggy, but if you're shooting pretty static subjects, it works great. The focus peaking in the GH4 really help out also.

  25. Always ahead of your time. I tried with the standard 14-42 and a LANC controller and it didn't work, because it has to be that 14-42 power zoom, which is kinda pricey. And then I noticed the app Panasonic for android phones/tables, but my GH2s don't have wireless yet. But as soon as I get a G6 (which went up in price from the winter low of $529) or a GH4, I'm ditching the HDMI cable for monitoring.

  26. claiie

    This is just working with these 2 lenses with panasonic GH3 and GH4, not any olympus ? Am I right ?

  27. CV

    Very cool lenses! Now they just need to combine the X lens tech with their constant f2.8 lineup and we'll have a winner!

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