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What are the most popular small cameras today? I think it's the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s. So here's a bit of good news if you end up with one of these, or maybe even both. The popular Fhugen Honu Cage for the GH3/GH4 camera has recently been 'modified' to work with both the GH4 and new Sony A7s (along with A7/A7r) camera bodies.

honu gh4 sony a7 panasonic v2

In order to make it compatible for both camera bodies, a slight change has been made in the battery cutout which allows easy access to both the GH4 and Sony A7s battery tray. The once dedicated camera mount has been 'slotted' so that the camera screw can be adjusted forward or back to accommodate the small Sony A7s.
fhugen honu gh4 sony a7s a7r a7
Keep in mind that with the larger battery cutout and the slotted camera mount, the cage is more likely to be compatible with other small camera bodies on the market. The new Fhugen Honu V2.0 cage is available following the link (click here).

find-price-button Fhugen Honu Cage v2 for Panasonic GH3/ GH4 & Sony A7s/ A7 / A7r