Fhugen Honu v2.0 Cage for Sony A7s (A7/A7r)

What are the most popular small cameras today? I think it's the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s. So here's a bit of good news if you end up with one of these, or maybe even both. The popular Fhugen Honu Cage for the GH3/GH4 camera has recently been 'modified' to work with both the GH4 and new Sony A7s (along with A7/A7r) camera bodies.

honu gh4 sony a7 panasonic v2

In order to make it compatible for both camera bodies, a slight change has been made in the battery cutout which allows easy access to both the GH4 and Sony A7s battery tray. The once dedicated camera mount has been 'slotted' so that the camera screw can be adjusted forward or back to accommodate the small Sony A7s.
fhugen honu gh4 sony a7s a7r a7
Keep in mind that with the larger battery cutout and the slotted camera mount, the cage is more likely to be compatible with other small camera bodies on the market. The new Fhugen Honu V2.0 cage is available following the link (click here).

find-price-button Fhugen Honu Cage v2 for Panasonic GH3/ GH4 & Sony A7s/ A7 / A7r


17 thoughts on “Fhugen Honu v2.0 Cage for Sony A7s (A7/A7r)

  1. In short, to say it's for the A7s is just tacking on things it can't do to capitalize on a new hot product. In the long run, it'll only hurt their business.

  2. Emm, how many people do you know who use this mount? If you plan to use larger lenses as well as follow focus, the top mount would go a long ways in lessening fatigue. When you consider it it's a tiny body secured just by one 1/4", sooner or later, if you use heavier lenses you will get some issues with the mount. Its the reason many of the better cages for the pocket camera secure top and bottom.

    But to advertise it's for the A7s and feature the "top mount" when in truth it doesnt work is completely disingenuous. Did I also mention none of the ads give you a good view of the bottom of the cage. That's because you can only secure your tripod touchplate with one 1/4" and not centered. If you want a secure mount to your tripod you have to attach the rod holder.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim Naylor - To be honest I don't know anyone who uses the hot shoe mount. I don't think it's necessary at all, but I get your point.

  4. To say its intended for the A7s as well is misleading. I bought it for my A7s primarily because I liked the idea of a secure mount from both the top and the bottom. Unfortunately, the anti -twist screws do not line up flush with the camera, defeating their purpose. Also, when the camera's all the way forward to try and meet the anti twist, the hot shoe mount cannot slide forward enough to slide into the camera. If you bring the camera back to meet the hot shoe mount, the anti -twist is rendered useless. They should not waste people's time by saying it works with the A7s. Typical false advertising BS from China.

  5. that review helped a bit too.

    went ahead and bought it w/ rail adapter from P&C. hopefully shows up before shoot next week.



  6. thanks for the quick reply.

    so as for rails you are probably limited to the honu rod holder kit? seems like it might be a little flimsy with only one axis of attachment and the higher raise from the base plate. I kinda wish it worked with the Gearbox rod adapter kit. Ideally a mix between the 2 cages would be perfect; snug fit, handle(s), and rods.

    I also considered just not attaching the handle side of the Honu so you can hold the more comfortable camera grip and have you fingers right on all the buttons.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @aaron - The great thing about these cages is that they are very modular. If you purchase the rail kit, you can add a mattebox. The rails can adjust up/down slightly and most likely your mattebox can also adjust up down slightly. Holding the cage is not bad since it's small, but you can also add handles to the system by using standard 15mm clamps and rails off to the sides.

  8. is there any issues when mounting this matte box to a set of rods? will almost any rod/plate work or do you need a specific one?

    also how does it feel going hand held with this cage? you are basically holding on to the plate next to the camera grip right?



  9. Emm

    Post author

    @GUY MANSFIELD - You can always add handles to the Honu. Here's one way I added handles httpss://cheesycam.com/kamerar-pico-plate-combo-kit-create-articulating-accessory-mounts/

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael Tappan - The unit can mount to the top of the cage, but it is the interface that attaches above the Sony camera that may not have enough clearance. I have not tried this but i believe it may be too snug to interface with the multi function hot shoe of the camera.

  11. @Emm - Thank you for the reply. Have you tested it out? I checked out the vendor's site and the vendor calls the top part a hot shoe lock, so I'm thinking it might work? I trust your word over the seller's though.

  12. Tobias

    Do you guys think this would be worth it for a NEX 5R? There really are no cases for it :/

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