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Opteka CXS-2 Stabilizer

Opteka has made available a new version of their dual handled CXS stabilizer - the CXS-2 Shoulder Support. The handles swing apart for spacing, but under the stage seems to have support for 15mm rods (to mount accessories like an FF). The shoulder pad fits more like a target shooter, but is upgradeable to support their optional counterweight and belt support system.

It runs under $130 dollars, but what do you guys think? Worth it, or is there something else in that price range you are using today that's a better fit? (click here to find Opteka CXS-2 Shoulder Stabilizer on eBay)

Opteka CXS-2 StabilizerOpteka Stabilizer 15mm
find-price-button Opteka CXS-2 Double Handle Stabilizer 15mm Support

Another interesting little tidbit released is their VB-30 Aluminum triple mount shoe adapter. The VB-30 fits on a standard shoe and makes available three additional shoes for small accessories, led lights, microphones, etc.

Opteka VB-30 triple shoe adapter cube
find-price-button Opteka VB-30 Triple Shoe Adapter Cold Shoe Mount