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The above video shows use of a Ring Flash adapter. I'm just using this video as an example, but the 'O Flash' - Ring Flash adapter finally came in for me. The 'O Flash' is the cheaper version of the Ray Ring or Coco Ring Flash. I do notice that the connector piece for the Ray Ring and Coco Flash have a hard mold that appears to be shaped for Manufacturer specific flashes. This 'O Flash' Ring flash adapter that I recieved uses a very hard rubber mold with a velcro tension strap. Therefore this O Flash is more modular and generic, and can be used regardless of flash type. The Ray Ring sells for $199 dollars, the Coco Ring Flash can be found around $50 dollars, and the 'O Flash' sells for a mere $36 bucks + Free Shipping.

Many people associate these for Macro or sometimes used as a very close up Portrait ring flash. It's a handy thing for me to carry as another diffuser option for my Canon 580 EX II. This design carries the light from a single flash into a circular ring light, giving it really nice diffusion towards your subject. Normally flashes are diffused by way of bouncing the light which still can cause uneven lighting and loss of flash power. One of the cool accessories I already own is the Yongnuo RF-602 Wireless triggers. With these triggers, I can even use this flash off camera as a nice soft beauty ring. Now I have this setup on a lightstand, but the Yongnuo RF-602 triggers also have a 1/4x20 thread if you want to mount it directly to a tripod.

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It was so cool using this off camera, and honestly I don't know of anyone using them in this manner. I plan on getting a second one specifically for a portable studio lighting setup. With one on each side firing off, i'm sure to get super duper clean images, balanced lighting, with a tiny footprint. Would be an excellent diffuser to use for Wedding or Event type photographers. If you're not fond of the O Flash logo on the front, just place a Logo of your business. Guaranteed brand recognition for you. LOL! I'm betting after this post, we'll see more people using them in combination with the very cheap Yongnuo RF-602 wireless triggers. Here's the link to the $36 dollar O Flash - Ring Flash Adapter.

Curious as well, what if I connected this to the Z96 LED Video Light? Would it provide enough light through the ring to become an LED ring light? I'm in the studio now, i'll check when I get home. That would be interesting....

YongNuo Combo Wireless Remote Shutter + Wireless Flash Trigger