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Here's a Motorized-Product-Table-Variable-Speed-300x217 Motorized Rotating Product Table that was shared to me a short while ago. I decided to try this one out mainly because of the option to vary the speed. It's much more expensive, but this is another great option that will appeal to some people. Here's a video with the product in use rotating the Fuji X100s.

Here's another video using the exact same Variable Speed Motorized Turntable from YouTube member Aaron Nanto shot with an FS100

Now if you just want to save money and don't mind using a table that only offers one speed, you should check out my previous article (found here). The cheaper single-speed version can be purchased for under $50 dollars, while this variable speed product table can run up to three times the price (found here via Amazon).

Motorized Product Table Variable Speed
find-price-button Variable Speed Rotating Product Table 1-10RPM

Here's a link to the cheaper version with only one speed.

find-price-button Heavy Duty Single Speed Motorized Rotating Table