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Terry Gray from LocalTVHero.com, throws up an informative and amusing review of the DSLR rig he's chosen to work with. His review is around the IndiSystem UltraCompact DSLR rig. I've listed the product details from Indisystem's website, but i'll let Terry break down the goods and the bads in his Video review. You can find more from Terry at LocalTVHero.com.

Product Description:
Under 4 pounds with handle grips and shoulder pad, the ULTRAcompact can be shoulder mounted or after removing the handles and shoulder mount, on a tripod studio-style. It has the built in miniMOUNT, a "C" bracket with handle that allows for accessories to be mounted vertically or horizontally. The miniMOUNT has enough clearance for a DSLR with battery pack or to mount a sound link device underneath. The camera is mounted to the ULTRAcompact with a quick release mount, allowing for minute horizontal adjustments as you change lenses.

My personal experience hasn't been good with Indisystem, in fact to this day i've never heard anything back from them. I don't doubt that if you can get a hold of some gear, it's manufactured really well. Supposedly some top notch stuff. Now I'm not one to rain on anyone's parade, but there was an article started on this blog a while back, and some comments that might be of interest if you choose the Indisystem route: http://cheesycam.com/indisystem-contact/