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Konova has recently released a new slider that automatically pans keeping your subject in frame. The name of the new product is still yet to be determined - by YOU. If your suggestion is chosen you could win $1400 worth of Konova stuff. Here's a short clip on how the slider works.

Apparently suggesting a name is only part of the process, you'll still need to gather 'likes' on your comment to win. The new product is designed to work as an add-on with existing Konova Sliders and will set you back approx. $400 dollars (without slider). Pre-orders will save you -$50 OFF right now at the product page (found here).

Konova Auto Panning System on Konova K Slider

So if you're looking to win or just have fun join in on all the crazy / silly name dropping and find out more information over at the Konova Facebook post following the link (click here)

Konova Name Slider Auto Panning
Name the new Konova Auto Panning Slider