Name the new Konova Auto Panning Slider

Konova has recently released a new slider that automatically pans keeping your subject in frame. The name of the new product is still yet to be determined - by YOU. If your suggestion is chosen you could win $1400 worth of Konova stuff. Here's a short clip on how the slider works.

Apparently suggesting a name is only part of the process, you'll still need to gather 'likes' on your comment to win. The new product is designed to work as an add-on with existing Konova Sliders and will set you back approx. $400 dollars (without slider). Pre-orders will save you -$50 OFF right now at the product page (found here).

Konova Auto Panning System on Konova K Slider

So if you're looking to win or just have fun join in on all the crazy / silly name dropping and find out more information over at the Konova Facebook post following the link (click here)

Konova Name Slider Auto Panning
Name the new Konova Auto Panning Slider

15 thoughts on “Name the new Konova Auto Panning Slider

  1. My unit is nearly silent while operating by hand at slow speed. I can hear the friction of the rollers on the metal belt when sliding in one direction but not the other. Still, very very negligible. There are height and tension adjustments for the belt and I think playing with these might help eliminate friction and noise a bit. Again, not an issue for me. Certainly quiet enough to use for interviews with an off-camera mic.

    Konova included q-tips and an allen wrench for what I assume is maintenance of the rollers. The handle used in the video was not included.

    The extra hardware does make the slider heavier which might affect transportation. They offer a bag for $120 that can store the entire assembled unit. I'd consider it if you're planning to use on-location.

    This is an awful dark and grainy example: httpss://

    I'm using auto slide with the smart controller. Panning for 55 seconds at 5% power with a 264:1 motor.
    I used a 24-70mm 2.8 lens on a 5dMkII at 70mm and f2.8 about 1.5-2ft away from the target and it stayed mostly in focus while sliding. Stopping down or moving back would do the trick.

  2. That's great news, Carlos! Can you quickly comment just how quiet it is, along with a few sentences about it? I'm ready to buy one for my Konova slider myself (I don't have any motors)...but would love to hear a few of your thoughts before pulling the trigger on it. Thanks!

  3. Food Biker - I "pre-ordered" the Konova auto panning system (or whatever it'll ends up being called) last week Wednesday. I wasn't expecting it anytime soon, but they must have a few ready to go as it made it from Korea to NY over the weekend.

    In the pic is the system attached to a K5 100mm slider.

  4. Rob

    This looks like a good affordable option that looks easy to set up. Is it quiet? I was thinking of getting the Edelkrone pan thing slider since it's compact. But I hear they haven't even shipped any out yet since announcing it months ago. And it sounds extremely noisy in videos. I wish they'd motorize the Rhino slider.

  5. Carlos - Which panning system was just delivered to you? Edelkrone? Konova? The Konova apparently is apparently only available for pre-order right it's a little confusing. Thanks!

  6. DHL just delivered mine. The setup was very easy, the pictures on their website help.

    I've tried to do slide-and-pan product shots using the K5 Slider and the Smart Pan/Tilt head but found it very difficult to get the settings just right.

    10 minutes out of the box (including assembly) and I was ready to go! I'll need more testing, but I'm very excited about this product.

    Since I already have a few motors (264:1 and 50:1) I'm a little disappointed that I'll have buy into new MS motors to keep my slider motorized. I wish they had a trade in program.

  7. lolicht

    the edelkrone's action module does not pan, it just allow you to have a motorized slider that works both at real speed and time-lapse adjustable speed. I'v got an action module, but had issues with it, the mechanical design does not seems to be as good as some other edelkrone's products … to get a pan, you'll have to use both action module and target module, it's motorized but it cost well over 1000$ and you have to add the slider ...

  8. This is a very clever approach to slider panning.

    I have an Edelkrone slider and am still waiting for them to ship the Action module that does this electronically. The mechanical approach of the Konova is much more affordable.

  9. Rick

    A slider using a similar panning system passed through Kickstarter a couple months ago. (httpss:// I'm wondering who actually holds the patents on this concept.

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