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Yesterday Iker shared a link to another set of 2, 4, and 6 bank CFL - Fluorescent light panels. [Thanks Iker] Some will say these are 'Kino Flo-like' light panels. I've been using the original 6 bank type, that works great for throwing a nice broad diffusion of light, but are a bit on the heavy side when I travel. You can find some samples of the light panels I use in this article (click here). In the studio, CFL lighting is the primary type of lights we are using, and have been effective for us for quite some time now. For location shoots, i'm trying to rely on LEDs for their lightweight.

CFL Light KitSlim CFL Light KitCFL lighting Kit Sock Diffuser

These 2, 4, and 6 bank video light panels that were shared to me yesterday list that they use the same Osram bulbs as my 6 bank set, but have a much slimmer profile and come with an outer diffusion panel (sock). Peeking around in the seller store, there's a number of other CFL type lighting kits including a folding barndoor octagon shaped head. Of course much of the quality with CFL lighting is based on the bulb type and ballast being used, so has anyone used these or have any more information on how well they work?

You can find these lights being sold on both Amazon (click here)

2-bank4 bank6 bank
find-price-button 2 Bank, 4 Bank, 6 Bank CFL Light Panels - via Amazon

and there's a number of different CFL lighting kits on eBay (click here).

Octagon Barndoor CFL lightOctagon softbox CFL light
find-price-button Other CFL Fluorescent Light Panel Kits - via eBay