1650 watt 6 Bank Fluorescent Video Light Panels

Yeah I know, almost 10 months later and here I am with only the 'second' post for this 1650 watt Fluorescent Lighting kit. Why did it take so long? Well, they pretty much fell off the map after I posted about them in this old article http://cheesycam.com/1650-watt-6-bank-photo-video-lighting/. There were some smaller units available, but the 6 bank had some production issues I guess. So there was no use to posting any more information on what I thought would be a discontinued item. I'm not going to get into the specs on these, since you can find it back in the original article, but basically each Flo Tube is about 55 watts. They use a reliable italian brand bulb (here we are 10 months later) that to this day still haven't failed me - not one.

Single 6 Bank Panel

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Now I use mine quite a bit in the studio, but they have some weight and fragility to them. The panels are solid metal and heavy plastic construction, it's the bulbs that could be more fragile. Not my favorite lights to travel with, but definitely one of my favorite lights to use. The light is very broad and very soft. No need for softboxes or light diffusion for these, they come out pretty flat, cover a large area, with no hot spots. Very little heat makes them great for still photography next to subjects even though they are continuous lights. Dimming is done through a series of switches that turn off a few bulbs at a time. So why consider these over LED panels? Well for starters, you could walk away with 2 of these 1650 watt 6 Bank panels + light stands for about the same price as a 'single' 1200 LED panel. These panels provide a wider area of coverage and several times more light output. So now that they are back online and available, I thought it would be good to show a quality of light sample that a single 1650 watt panel puts out. In this video the guys set it up to shoot through an indoor window in this Chess playing scene.

Double 6 Bank Light Panel Available on Amazon:

find-price-button 1650 Watt 6 Bank Fluorescent Photo Video Light Panels

8 thoughts on “1650 watt 6 Bank Fluorescent Video Light Panels

  1. Austin

    So tempting but I also really want the 500 LED pannels your posted about. decisions decisions.

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  3. Thanks, I just bought a pair. I hope you get an affiliate commission from amazon. Funny, the pair is more expensive on their website then through amazon.

  4. Patrick


    You're the man. I'm going to pick up two of these 6 bank lights, and decide whether to get two more or just two 4x55s.

    Thanks for all the great info. Because of you (and cheesycam), I own a konova slider, an ebay jib, a knock-off lcdvf, a zoom h4n, a bunch of nikon manual glass, among other items. It's a weird balance between spending and saving money!

    Keep up the good work, man. It's very appreciated.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - I've used two (one on each side) to light a green screen background for a single subject, they work well. If you want to light a larger green screen area you'll need a few more. They definitely work to cast a broad source of light with even diffusion.

  6. Patrick

    Hey Emm,

    I'm thinking of buying these to light a 10x24 greenscreen, 10' on the wall, with maybe two 4 banks to light the floor. I know there are some flicker/banding issues at higher shutter speeds, but I'll probably keep it at 1/50 (or 1/48, if I ever install Magic Lantern on my t2i). What do you think of that setup? I thought of getting some Floras instead, but the biax flos seem much more versatile, and the ability to swap in tungsten bulbs is a major selling point.

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