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I know this blog is more about photography and video, but the iPhone does these things quite well too. The new iPhone 4G wasn't a big secret, and now it's been officially announced today by Apple I believe as ' iPhone 4 ' with a new operating system OS called ' IOS 4 '. Supposedly there will be 100 new features including a front facing camera, second microphone on top (this all leads to video conferencing on a mobile phone), and a higher pixel display quality at 326 pixels per inch. A more scratch resistant screen, and LED flash, and still 25% thinner than the previous iPhone 3Gs. Wow, there's alot of new things which i'm sure includes faster processor and now 4G speeds. I haven't caught anything online, but there was rumors of the new iPhone shooting in HD. If so, that would be an awesome little camera for the Tiffen Smoothee. Check out the new iPhone Video Stabilizer from Hague. Anyone hear anything about that HD recording?

New Hague iPhone video Stabilizer
Check out the new iPhone Video Stabilizer from Hague.iphone-stabilizer-hague
click image

Tiffen iPhone Stabilizer

click image

Update: Readers commented with 720 HD 30fps and new iMovie for iPhone. Check out the Comments for more iPhone 4 details. Thanks readers! I guess those video Stabilizers (above) would be awesome now!