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Putting the Micover Stickover Windscreen to the real test, just inches away from a high blowing fan. You can totally tell the 'wind rumbling' being eliminated while you can still hear the actual fan motor. To get better audio, you should replace the waterproof housing with the non-waterproof skeleton housing. To get 'even better' audio, this Dead Cat windscreen cover is a must have. It's made from the same furry material and thick padding as their other popular microphone windscreens. Loud motors from Motorcross, Street Cycles, or even Car Drifting, this little accessory makes a big difference in the sound that is captured. [Thanks Olivia]

You can find an older article about Micovers on this blog found here: http://cheesycam.com/cheaper-microphone-windscreens/

Micover Windscreen GoPro
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