GoPro HD Camera Furry Windscreen

Putting the Micover Stickover Windscreen to the real test, just inches away from a high blowing fan. You can totally tell the 'wind rumbling' being eliminated while you can still hear the actual fan motor. To get better audio, you should replace the waterproof housing with the non-waterproof skeleton housing. To get 'even better' audio, this Dead Cat windscreen cover is a must have. It's made from the same furry material and thick padding as their other popular microphone windscreens. Loud motors from Motorcross, Street Cycles, or even Car Drifting, this little accessory makes a big difference in the sound that is captured. [Thanks Olivia]

You can find an older article about Micovers on this blog found here:

Micover Windscreen GoPro
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10 thoughts on “GoPro HD Camera Furry Windscreen

  1. John S.

    @John - We just released a GoPro 3D fur windscreen. It's available on amazon right now.

    We're still working on a solution for the LCD skeleton door.

  2. John

    John S - THANK YOU! I hope you guys can make one for LCD BAK-PAC windscreen... A lot of ppl have that now...and hopefully it won't cover the entire back but only the holes around it...that way we can still see what we're shooting. Thank you for your awesome help!

  3. Makes sense. The LCD door has vents top and bottom, not on the back, so one would need to make four tufts of windscreen.

    Sort of like an old man with hair sticking out of orifices.

  4. John S.

    @Olphus – The GoPro microphone is actually on the top of the unit. But because the GoPro is on the inside of the housing wind is captured from the back door's holes. The Stickover windscreen blocks the unwanted wind noise from entering those holes. Hope that answers your question.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Olphus - Not sure what you mean, but there are just open slots on the back of the non-waterproof housing.

  6. Olphus

    I'm planing on getting the GoPro, but do the microphone holes take up all the space on the back?

  7. John S.


    Micover Stickover for GoPro HD is only for the non-waterproof door. Not the LCD non-waterproof door. If you plan to use the LCD then you only be able to only use it to review the shots and audio after you shoot using the windscreen.

    Do not remove the windscreen! It only sicks one time to the case. You can however purchase additional 3M stickers if you mess up.

    The 3M tape is semi-permanent but can be removed if you want. I recommend you leave it on and take the whole back off if you want to use the LCD for another project/shot.

    Hope this helps you.

  8. John

    Awesome product and review. Thank you, Olivia and Emm.

    Looks like we'll have to remove the backing first in order to see the LCD (of what we're shooting) before we put this thing on everytime?

    Thanks again for the awesome test and review!

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