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I once had an idea about hard mounting a Bike seat in a wagon to tow a Steadicam camera operator around using a bike (slow speed of course), but I never could find the right platform to pull it off. Today Jerry shares a find on some Marine Grade aluminum folding carts that could be used for a variety of things besides just hauling gear.

The heavy duty folding Aluminum cart's large 20" airless, foam-filled rubber tires are designed for easy maneuverability and stability on rough or thorny terrain as well as on steep grades, and will never go flat. The cart is designed with a capacity of 5.75 cu ft moving up to 330 lbs. If you want a fully enclosed unit, there is an optional gate. If you plan to tow the cart with a bike, there's also a trailer hitch available. This might be my solution. [Thanks Jerry]

find-price-button Folding Marine Grade Aluminum Utility Cart


This is so random, but might also be useful. For people with kids, how often have you looked at that BOB Jogging Stroller and thought 'This would be ideal to carry some gear'. Of course no matter how well you dress it up, there's no hiding the fact that it's still a baby stroller.


I was shopping for another cart that can carry a decent amount of weight and include some nice size tires to tackle a variety of terrain. This Kill Shot Deer cart looked pretty interesting (and not so much stroller-like) as it's rated to pull 500lbs over terrain and still folds down a bit. But to make it work for my gear, I think I might need to add another set of caster wheels to the front. There's some additional dimensions following the link below. So random, ok back to work.

Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 8.09.28 PMgame-cart-2
find-price-button Rough Terrain Deer Came Folding Cart